Be one with Alpacas and Animals at Alpaca World!

Alpaca World

알파카 월드

Alpacas are bizarre animals famous for their 'spitting' behavior, but here at Alpaca World, all the alpacas and animal friends seem so cute and lovely.

Alpaca World is an open forest and open environment theme park, allowing you to get up close to your favorite animals! You can also find other animals such as ponies, rabbits, deers and even insects other than just alpacas. You can also enjoy experiences such as feeding programs, riding a safari train, or walking with a live alpaca.


Company NameAlpaca World (알파카 월드)
Category Family & Living Outdoors & Adventure Tour & Sightseeing
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Pungcheon-ri, Hwachon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea Alpaca World