What is Ionic Framework? Why use it for over Other Framework.


Ionic is freely available, open-source and a front-end SDK framework that enables you to perform mobile-based credentials for Windows, Android Phones, iOS using the same codebase. It shows out to be a cross-platform tool for mobile development. Are you looking for Ionic Training in Chennai? Join FITA, and learn more about Ionic Course in Chennai, and gain more knowledge and upgrade your career.

This tool enables you to generate composite mobile applications. This principle permits you to create mobile apps with the help of web applications and languages like CSS, Javascript, HTML, and Typescript. Ionic has a set of elements that implements the functionality of a mobile platform.

The features, Ionic provides different behaviors. Ionic comes with effective production with the least DOM manipulation. It begins with its command-line interface that enables you to improve the application and collects the coding applications.

There are various features that the Ionic framework provides to its developers.

Platform Independent Framework

Ionic can operate irrespective of what platform you are using to produce essential and feel. There is no need to modify the code as it works on mobile-optimized web elements. Ionic works with Angular to implement a robust structure, which in turn reduces the cost.

Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

There is a kind of mobiles with various operating methods. If we are improving any mobile application, then it should be cooperative with the different operating systems.
Ionic has the same codebase, which allows the developers to make applications that work well for all mobile devices to provide you with a combined look and feel.

It has a Default User Interface

Ionic has default CSS and JS parts which allow developers to produce mobile applications. The default design covers most of the parts, but you can add new features to the predefined CSS classes according to your need.

Completely Based on AngularJS

Angular is the most selected framework when it comes to the development of mobile and web applications. Angular provides various HTML extension which proves to be useful for the developers. When connecting the Ionic with Angular, it gives many functionalities to include engaging elements to the application. Angular JS gives an excellent solution with the Ionic framework.

Uses Cordova Plugins

The ionic framework holds many plugins for improvement. It gives a Cordova plugin that supports artists to implement access to various elements. These elements enable you to combine engaging articles to your demand. Ionic enables developers to use these plugins to generate a perfect mobile application.

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