What are my rights if Air Canada changes schedule


Jun 24, 2021

Here’s What You Should Know When Air Canada Changes Schedule


Facing an unexpected schedule change can spoil your travel plans utterly. But this can be more frustrating when done on the airline’s end. However, airlines usually make changes in their flight schedule due to severe conditions related to weather, technical malfunctions, and other reasons. Nevertheless, they also provide you other ways to compensate with your interrupted travel plans.


When it comes to Air Canada, the airline offers great flexibility on its flight change. Therefore, if you have also made you reservations on the airline, and wish to know about your rights on your Air Canada Flight Change, then here’s what you should know.


Flight Change Guidelines On Air Canada


  • As per the flight change policy, if there are any schedule changes on Air Canada, the airline will let you know before the scheduled departure time.
  • In the event, if your flight is changed on Air Canada, then the airline will either provide you a full refund (as per your preference), or rebook you on its another flight departing on the same day.
  • Besides, Air Canada will also waive its flight change fee for rebooking you on its another flight but that would depend upon the flight change details.

Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding the Air Canada Flight Change, flight change fee, flight change guidelines, then contact the airlines customer services, and get better assistance. Besides, the experts will also guide you with the best info and ensure hassle-free travel on Air Canada.  


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