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Sep 16, 2020

Choosing hex bolts
Whether it’s finish, thread or size, the specification of hex bolt will depend on your needs.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel hex bolts aren’t just strong and resistant because of their finish. The entire body of the bolt is made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant so can be used in high-saline locations where other fasteners would rust too quickly. They are also a common choice because they don’t need coating.

A2 and A4 fixings indicate the levels of chromium in the stainless are both extremely corrosion resistant. For any ME and BES engineers working in a marine environment, the best s/s fixing would be A4. For industry ‘near’ a marine environment, A2 is usually suitable.

We’ve written an entire article to help you decide if stainless steel fixings are right for you.

BZP Hex Bolts are the most common finish with fixings. It stands for bright zinc plated. An advantage of BZP finish is that it’s aesthetically pleasing and makes sure all fixings are uniform.

However, the BZP layer is thin which makes the steel resistant to moisture but won’t prevent rusting or oxidising in an external or outdoor environment.

The Galv Hex Bolt finish with hot-dip galvanisation creates an element resistant finish. This fixing finish is cost-effective and low maintenance once installed. If you intend to cut galvanised hex bolts, remember that the zinc finish will disappear and leave unprotected metal.

Fully threaded
Fully Threaded Hexagon Bolts, otherwise known as a ‘hex sets’, are designed for use in heavy-duty fastening applications. As the name states, these fasteners are threaded all the way up to the head of the bolt. This makes them great for installation into pre-threaded holes.

If your build is focused mainly on grip strength and less interested in alignment and shear strength, a fully threaded bolt is the best fastening solution. After application, a full thread bolt spreads pressure along its entire length, with the largest holding pressure placed on the head. 


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Get Educated On Hex Bolts


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