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Mar 9, 2021

No matter which age, make and model your vehicle is, every car looks fantastic after it’s been properly cleaned and detailed. Are you interested in washing and detailing your car properly at home? Keep your car looking fresh and stylish in between your vacations and business trips with this informative guide. Our Mall car wash care experts have all of the advice and car cleaning tips you need to help you keep the interior and exterior of your ride presentable. Some will offer this service in tandem with short or long-term parking rates. The rates are affordable because they come in a package deal, and the customer is always satisfied because they are getting things done at home while they are miles away. Getting a car wash is a great option for someone too busy to have it done during their regular workweek. It’s a refreshing feeling to drive up to the airport with a dirty, messy car, and arrive back home to a sparkling clean vehicle. Washing the exterior of your car-Start your car wash project by grabbing your hose and spraying the entire vehicle. Make sure all doors and windows are closed fully before hitting them with water. Set your hose setting to a light spray and always aim the flow downward in the chance that your rubber seals around the windows accidentally let water in.


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Cawago uses a proprietary technology and eco-friendly washing formula to give better shine and lustre to your car without spending your productive time.