How To Troubleshoot Quicken Print Checks Problems?


Mar 8, 2021

 Quicken print check problems usually occur due to technical faults but the good news that it is curable. This unique feature of Quicken allows its users to create and print checks easily without any trouble. Not only it saves you from making any errors but also saves a lot of your time. In this blog, we have mentioned the procedure to create and print checks easily from your Quicken software. Also, if you are facing any issue with writing or creating print checks, you can head to the troubleshooting section below in this guide and fix the problem yourself right away.

How to Print Checks in Quicken for Windows Easily?


Trying to print a check but can’t do it due to some issue? Follow the steps below to print checks on Quicken easily and avoid any Quicken Print Checks Problems.

1. First of all, you need to enter the transaction and then press Ctrl + W keys at the same time.

2. In case you have two or multiple accounts on Quicken, then select the one you prefer here.

3. Next, you need to enter the Payee name in the given space.

4. Fill up the amount you want to send to the receiver in the $ line.

5. In the Address box, enter your address. You can also skip this step if you want to as it is optional.

6. Click on the split button.

7. Now select the Expense category and enter the details required in the Memo.

8. Enter the confidential information asked in the Message column. Sometimes the message column is not available, in that case, you need to go to Edit and then Preferences and select Click Write Checks.

9. Select the Check option and then click OK.

10. To save the check, select the Record Check option.

Various Print Checks Options Available On Quicken

Given below are the three print check options available on Quicken. You can use any of the options according to your need.

All Checks: this option lets you print all the postdated and unprinted checks.

Check Dated Through: You can set a particular date and print all the checks until then.

Selected Checks: This option allows you to choose particular checks that you want to print and print them all at once.

Print Your Logo: You can use this option to print a logo on your checks.

Additional Copies: Use this option to print three additional copies of printing voucher checks.

How To Adjust Quicken Print Check Alignment?

1. Click on File and then select OK on Check Print.

2. Select the check you want to print by moving your cursor on the print check window.

3. Click Print and then select Adjust Alignment.

4. Uncheck the alignment box for printing checks in the future.

Steps To Troubleshoot Quicken Print Check Problems

Quicken Print Check Problems can prevent you from writing or printing checks. To resolve these issues, we suggest you follow the steps below:

Open An Account Register


Find the transaction that you want to print.

Check for the Print option in the Num field. If you can’t find it there, then go to the Num list and select Print check.

Hit the Enter button to save your transaction and Restart your Quicken software


Now that you have completed the above troubleshooting, check if the problem persists. In case you still face the same Print Check in Quicken, try restarting your computer and then check again.



These steps should usually fix your Quicken Print Check Problems. However, if you happen to face these issues even after trying all the possible fixes, you need to contact Quicken Customer Support for assistance. Our Quicken experts will help you find the exact cause behind the Quicken Print Check Problem and then fix it right away. In case you are facing any other issue with your Quicken software, you find more solutions regarding your problem on our blog page and fix the issue on your own.



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