Cisco Certification - Which Cisco Career to Follow?


Mar 4, 2021

Who has earned the CCNA certification knows its importance and its value in the market, especially when it comes to salary! If you are just starting out in your Cisco career, you know there are several certifications to build on your careers, and the Cisco CCNA certification is one of these IT certifications.

The IT certification is a very important qualification for all graduates and directly active in technology. It is also one of the means of a company that is in the recruitment phase to know if the candidate has knowledge in that specific area of ​​action. Due to the scope of the Technology Market, the greater the practice in specific matters, the greater will also be the possibilities of professional insertion.

Cisco CCNA v1.0 Evening | Applied Technology Academy

The primary responsibilities of the Cisco CCNA Certified Professional are to install, manage, and support computer systems and networks with an efficient workflow. They are also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of network hardware and software, as well as troubleshooting network problems, ensuring security, availability, and routine standards.

Cisco's primary goal is to recognize these skill sets and empower IT professionals. And a CCNA dump is important to achieve your dream goal... And the good news is that organizations are in constant need of a Cisco Certified Professional, so if you haven't won your, it's time to think about it!

Cisco career

Information technology is a very promising area. This is because the ways of relating, doing business, selling, buying, communicating, etc., are increasingly migrating to automation. That is, the systems will take account of a large part of our day-to-day activities. And one will always need a qualified professional to manage and / or maintain these systems.

The Cisco career offers one of the most popular certification programs in the IT field, with certifications at the entry-level, intermediate, specialist, expert, and Architect level.

Each level of Cisco Carrera offers one or more credentials. Obtaining a Cisco credential generally involves one or more Cisco certification exams administered by Pearson VUE. The higher the level of Cisco certification, credentials, and more prerequisites are necessary to achieve the goal.

Today it is difficult to find any area of ​​professional performance that is not very crowded, both for positions that require graduation and for those whose requirement is to have a complete high school education, it is almost impossible to stand out among other professionals without some differential.

The graduation diploma and the ability in English is no longer a subject for discussion: anyone who wants to grow in their profession should seek this knowledge.

For information technology professionals, IT certification is one of the requirements for entry into great and good companies that offer fair wages and the possibility of growth. This means that the title does not have its importance limited to those who are looking for a position in the market. It is also useful for those who want a promotion and a salary increase.

There is a considerable volume of people looking for a vacancy in the IT area, which is reason enough for the professional to invest in qualification. But, in addition, the function requires that you constantly be inside the market developments, which emerge at an impressive speed.

You who are professionals in the industry do not have a Cisco certification? Do you know the real importance of this differential for your career? Thinking of acquiring one of those specializations?


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