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Mar 1, 2021

The printer does not print data


The <a href="">Canon printer problem</a> pertaining to the printer not printing is a common issue faced by users across the globe. To mitigate this issue, start by confirming whether the computer and the printer are fastened properly to the power supply. Verify whether the printer is turned on. If the LED is flashing, it signifies the printer is functional. At times, the print operation may take time to be executed if the document is loaded with graphics. Be assured that the steady flash of light means the printer is functioning.


Also, if the printer is not printing, there may be undefeated print functions. Remove these operations to enjoy undisputed printing.


Delayed Printing Execution Time


Slow printing is a common issue that bugs users. To resolve this, remove any ongoing print tasks. Also, change the resolution of the output print to enjoy quick printing.


Paper Jam


The paper jam issue can be notified on the printer screen. To remove this issue, unplug the printer and open the cover. Carefully inspect for any paper jams, and if you spot any stuck bits of paper, carefully remove them.


Low quality of prints

Another common issue is faint prints or low quality of the print. This issue could occur either due to clogged printer nozzles or a low level of ink in the cartridges. The canon printer troubleshooting procedure asks either to replace the cartridge or refill it. Once done, you can execute a demo print to check whether the issue is resolved or not.


No paper alert message


This error occurs when the output tray doesn't have adequate paper stacked in them. Simply check for any paper jams, whether the Canon printer driver is updated, and stack the pile of paper. Once done restart the printer and see whether the issue is mitigated or not.


Apart from these, there might be other issues including <a href="">canon printer in error state</a> , ink cartridges being incompatible, etc. If you encounter an issue not listed, you needn't worry. Simply dial our canon printer helpline number and let the experts fix them.





canon printer problem | canon printer in error state

canon printer error

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