Best places to Explore the True Puerto Rico

Jamie Taylor

Feb 22, 2021

Puerto Rico is an incredible and evocative destination that offers travelers a wide range of unique travel experiences: all thanks to its culture composed between the colonial past and the future increasingly close to the USA, its unique flavors and colors, Caribbean atmospheres, beaches, postcard, and unspoiled nature. You cannot escape from a visit to the beautiful natural parks of the island, particularly by crossing the dense vegetation of El Yunque or entering the suggestive caves of Camuy. If you are looking forward to the best places to explore the real Porto Rico, try flying with  Jetblue Book a Flight  to have the best flying experience. 


Discover incredible Puerto Rico


The capital San Juan is undoubtedly the vital and full of energy hub of the Pearl of the Caribe: its historic center, Viejo San Juan, with its characteristic narrow streets, colorful buildings, and many monuments, is to be explored far and wide, pushing up to to the fortresses, a reminder of a past under Spanish domination. If you are flying with JetBlue and need to make some changes with your reservations, you may dial Jetblue Telefono number 00 1 801-449-2525 and get all your queries resolved in no time. 


Puerto Rico is the beaches that represent the main attraction: from the famous Luquillo Beach to Flamenco Beach, in the three major islands of the archipelago, the choice is wide and linked to the needs of the visitor, whether alone or in family, a lover of surfing, diving or merely looking for relaxation in the shade of palm trees or calm and crystal clear waters in which to swim. Suppose the day is dedicated to discovery, adventures, visiting museums, and historical interest places in the evening. In that case, Isla del Encanto's hot atmosphere is released in a mix of music, lights, flavors, and colors of the flashy cocktails, and gladly based on the national drink, Rum. 


Top 10 things that you can do in Puerto Rico 


  • Relax in the shade of palm trees on the beautiful Luquillo Beach, lapped by crystal clear waters.

  • Lose yourself in the magnificence of the rainforest with an excursion to El Yunque National Park.

  • Admire the striking bioluminescent effect of Mosquito Bay Beach in Vieques.

  • Explore San Felipe del Morro's fortress, a labyrinth of cells and prisons dating back to the 16th century.

  • Pay a visit to the Museo de Arte de Ponce, the largest in the Caribbean and most significant in America. 

  • Enter the depths of the vast caves created over the years by the Rio Camuy River's erosion.

  • Taste the famous local Rum considered one of the best in the world. 

  • Stroll among elegant and colorful colonial buildings in San Juan Viejo's historic center, a UNESCO heritage site.

  • Watch whales lap the waters around Rincón.

  • Find out how the largest radio telescope in the world works at the Arecibo observatory.


So explore the best parts of Puerto Rico and fly with JetBlue Airlines reservation, and have the most incredible vacation of your time. 


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