An review essay on acculturation

Diane Smart

Feb 20, 2021

Anywhere you go, there are people of diverse cultures who have converged and have learned from each other. Everyday is a learning process for people who adapt to new cultures.  Essays on acculturation explain the process of acculturation, discuss some of the difficulties of acculturation, and explore strategies that make the process easier.


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A definition of the term can serve as a good introduction for essays on acculturation. Acculturation is a process wherein the beliefs and behaviors of one cultural group are adopted by another cultural group. Essays on acculturation should then discuss the history of this process which dates back to early codes of law written like the Old Testament of the Bible. The strategies of acculturation such as assimilation, separation, integration, and marginalization should be discussed and explained next in essays on acculturation. The environmental factors that lead to acculturative stress should be discussed in essays on acculturation as well. These factors can be determined and understood by studying specific cultural group, such as Hispanics, Koreans, Latinos, and other groups, that have moved to new locations and have had to adapt to the new culture in those places. Lastly, essays on acculturation should discuss the trends of this process in order to understand every cultural group.

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