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YBM ECC Mini Interviews | Jenny

Nov 30, 2019

Q: Tell us about yourself and what brought you to Korea.

Hi, I'm Jenny and I've always had an interest in living abroad, but I wasn't sure how to afford it. So when I found out about teaching abroad, I was super excited! Before coming to Korea, I did a lot of research about different countries and I decided that Korea offered the most in terms of what I was looking for. As an English teacher, I receive free housing, free airfare, and I am able to save a lot of money.


Q: Why did you choose YBM ECC?

When I was a teenager, I did a lot of babysitting and I really enjoyed playing with kids. Therefore, I knew that I wanted to teach younger children - around elementary to middle school age. When I began to look for jobs, I found a lot of academies that were geared for younger children, but YBM ECC was the only organization that offered teacher training, which I knew would be helpful for me because I'd never taught before.


Q: What do you enjoy most about working for YBM ECC?

Besides the awesome kids, I work with a lot of great people who have become my mentors. My manager is really great and always has my back when issues arise with students or parents. 


Q: What's a day at YBM ECC like for you?

When I first arrive at work in the morning, I start prepping for classes. The students don't come in until an hour later, so I'm free to prepare materials and check homework before they arrive. I teach 5 1-hour classes a day, with 10 minute breaks in-between. After the last class finishes, I'm free to start preparing for the next day. Once the work day has ended, I join the other teachers and we all eat dinner or go back to our apartments and relax.



Jenny, Teacher at YBM ECC Nowon


I've been working in Korea for 2 years and through my blogs, I hope to inspire and encourage current and future ESL teachers.