Sports Betting Trends of 2021

Tyson Schiassi

Feb 17, 2021

2020 has brought a lot of changes to our tables, and that includes the gambling industry. We evolve and adapt with a flow of events and each industry deals with those changes in a uniquely distinctive way. Thankfully, the year was quite successful for the online gambling businesses. And according to the forecast, the industry will continue growing. A big part of many gambling websites is betting on sports. It has come a long way from small bookies offices to the biggest gambling establishments on the web. So let's see what kind of developments we can expect to see in the field of sports betting in the year 2021. 


An increase in e-sports betting 


With many regular sports events being canceled or rescheduled due to a pandemic, it is only logical that people have turned into events that can be fully played out online – e-sports. The development of this industry is a great story by itself, and the debates of whether gaming should be called a sport are ongoing. Nevertheless, betting on e-sports is much more reliable these days, as the possibility of cancellation is relatively small, as well as the chances of the main players skipping the game due to the untimely covid-diagnosis.



Live streams of sports events 


Without the possibility to actually be present at a sporting event, fans have to find alternative ways to enjoy and bet on their favorite sports. So we can certainly expect the implementation of sports live streaming into the betting websites which is both handy and clever, as fans are able to do everything at one stop – bet, watch, and discuss, just like at the best welcome bonus online casino of their choice. 


Late betting options 


Because of the unpredictability of the modern world, the general betting rules are being transformed accordingly. If a major player won't be able to attend the event, it makes sense that the odds will change. In order to adequately react to this new "wild card," the websites began allowing for later betting. 


Analyzing apps 


Everyone wants to take advantage of the capabilities of the latest technologies. And it is common knowledge that computers and programs are much better at analyzing data than humans are. So there is no surprise that people tend to rely on some apps providing betting tips and options for going through different metrics and predicting the outcome of the sports events. Such apps are popular already and only will gain more popularity in the future.


Tyson Schiassi

Sports Betting Advisor

Tyson Schiassi

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