The 5 best gamification tools for college students


Feb 16, 2021

When searching the web for "gamification in education", a long list of fun tools for training appears. We can find magnificent blogs, online magazines, platforms, and Apps, among many others; but for the most part, they are oriented towards the little ones and youngsters.

That led me to a question: Is there no gamification for college students?

Adult students, while learning, can also do so through gamified projects that challenge, challenge, invite them to solve puzzles, problems and above all savor the satisfaction of triumph for the achievement achieved.

That is why in this article, I bring you a list of tools that, although they have not been specifically designed for higher education, offer us gamification options, which can be easily adapted for university students.


Gamifying is not just for kids

Let us remember that gamification is a learning technique that leads us towards evaluation from an innovative point of view since it helps us to assess the scope of knowledge not only by obtaining the "final grade", but throughout the entire process of advancement and evolution of our students to achieve learning.


In addition, we cannot forget that it is the large corporations who are at the forefront of this novel technique, seeking to improve the training and commitment of their employees, as well as customers with the company.


Therefore, it will be our university students who once graduated, will work in the management of training, commitment, and loyalty of workers and their clients. Therefore, having experiences with gamification will allow them to have an advantage and a greater probability of being successful in the area, so why not train them so that they learn to think under the gamification structure?


Without further ado, at you will find some gamification tools for college students. If you know others, I invite you to share them in the comments and we can expand the list.