What is Jira? Important Features of Jira.

renju raj

Feb 15, 2021

Jira is a cloud and subscription-based problem tracking tool, as well as it can also handle team coordination in software development. Jira can provide a whole set of error tracking through the entire software development lifecycle. 

Jira executes companies' work towards a common goal and facilitates planning, tracking as well as the release of the software. Starts with planning and backlog, this project control software enables you to plan the entire project development and assures collaboration with several tools.

It releases the articles on track design across statements and allows complete articles on development and performance. The flexible software provides the templated for all functionalities and allows you to adjust them as per team and business requirements. Are you looking for Jira Training Online? Join FITA is one of the best educational institutions for learning Jira.

Jira Features

Jira is one of the best project management tool for today, Jira has unique functionality and features. Let's have a look at the important features.

Agile Development is the fundamental application, it allows the smooth utilization of all the features of Kanban and Scrum boards. It can be Kanban and Scrum and Hybrid organizations like Scrumban as well.

When you are starting your project, Jira asks you to select the project type: Scrum and Kanban, Jira Creates a Scrum or a Kanban board to produce your project continues.

Jira Project Tracking

This issue tracking software tracks ongoing projects at any stage. Using JQL, the customized proposal language of Jira enables you to separate or order effects based on the different criteria. The sidebar provides obtaining important articles about tracking, releasing, planning to track, and reporting.

With this adjustable tool, can perform the tasks and stories from any screen. The drag and drop feature executes the simple design sprints and epics in the supply.

Mobile Applications

The tool supports remotes companies in different locations. The Jira project management devices come with local mobile applications it can fit with iOS and Android devices. The user can stay online as well as engaged anytime.

Reports in Jira

Jira gives the critical data in a proper format called stories. There are various articles available in Jira, it enables you to gain visibility of the situation. The reports offer the project statistics throughout the entire cycle. The Burndown chart shows the actual as well as the estimated amount of work to be completed in the sprint.

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Jira Issue Security Schemes

renju raj

JIRA is a project management tool utilized for issues and bugs tracking systems. It is generally used as an issue-tracking tool for all types of testing.