Weirdest Buildings on the Earth to leave you flabbergasted

Jamie Taylor

Feb 11, 2021


This is an undeniable fact that the world is full of masterpieces and non-traditional buildings. There are several unique things on this planet, including weird, unusual, or strange buildings worldwide. Many architects have created countless human-made structures and large buildings that amaze visitors and transcend the natural world. There are many incredible buildings globally, known for their distant shapes, awesome designs, and unique styles. We have compiled some of the most unusual buildings in the world that you may like to visit.

These weirdest buildings on earth will surprise you.

Ohio Basket Building
The basket Building of Ohio is the headquarters of the Longaberger Company in Ohio, USA. This building is an exact copy of the company's own basket and was found to be a strange way of promotion. This company building took two years to build and has an area of 180k sq. feet. Basket buildings are real examples of simulated buildings, where the building is built in the exact shape of the product for promotion. The interior of basket building has a glass ceiling decoration. Its walls are also attractive due to the paintings of the founder of the building. Both employees and guests can enjoy natural light in the building.


Ren Building in Shanghai

Ren Building is a beautifully designed building located in Shanghai. This eye-catching design was a proposal from Copenhagen's BIG group. The building imitates Person’s Chinese characteristics. The project is proposed for sports, hotels, and conference centers. The structure is visualized as two buildings merged into one. The first building gushing from the water is dedicated to human activities and indoor sports and water culture centers. Another building emerging from the ground is dedicated to spirit and enlightenment and houses an elegantly furnished conference center.


Crooked House in Poland

Irregularly shaped buildings have become a modern culture and a well-known attraction in this city. The building looks like it came from "The Kingdom of Bent Mirror.” It is part of the Resident shopping center. The building was inspired by Polish painters Per Dahlberg and Jan Marcin Szancer to create this beautiful building. The building was built in 2003 and is undoubtedly a genius idea. Book your flights to Poland with Spirit airlines reservations and enjoy an unusual creation of art.


Belgium Atomium

This weird Atomium building is built in Brussels, the Belgium capital. The 102-meter-high Atomium was designed by Andre Waterkeyn and had the shape of an iron unit cell. The whole building is created from stainless steel, connected by seven cylinders with cladding spheres. The diameter and length of each sphere are 28 meters, and the size of the tube is 2,298 meters. Escalators are installed in these pipes for visitors to use. The top of the building has all the necessary facilities, such as restaurants and attractions.

Portuguese Stone House
The stone houses in Portugal are indeed very much like flint and steel houses. It was built between two rocks, and its architecture-impressed some of the branch's greatest names. Not to mention that it is such a popular place that some vandals attacked it, and in the attack, it was equipped with bulletproof windows and steel doors. The house’s interior is very comfortable, with a fireplace and all necessary items, so it is a beautiful example of modern architecture in the Stone Age style! Experience this Unbelievable designed place by making  Delta Airlines Booking  and have the weirdest, wacky, and having a fun vacation.


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