Government Translation Services| Criticality & Challenges


Feb 8, 2021


The Criticality & Challenges Of Government Translation Services

The translation services for government agencies include a lot of content in different forms like documents, audios, videos, presentations, websites, and digital content. The requirement of government translation services is huge due to multiple factors.


In the United States, English is not the only language popularly spoken, but there are many other languages as well that are widely spoken in the country. For targeting this audience in their native languages, for better understanding of the content, US government translation services are majorly hired.


The government content may include emergency notices, public announcements, election details, changes in rules/ protocol notices, starting/ ending of new schemes, parliament videos, and much more. All these are important and need to reach every single person living in the United States. 


The translation services for the US government usually focus on all the popularly spoken languages of the country that includes Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Arabic, French, Korean, Russian, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Italian, Polish,Perth and Urdu. All of these languages have at least half a million speakers and thus makes it vital for the US government to translate content for them.


But the government document translation services are not easy and involve a lot of complications and challenges. The criticality that the translator or the translation agency has to go through is the wide range of documents. Dealing with so many documents that are sensitive, and sometimes are also confidential, is a hard task. Government translation services are not performed by any translator but require experts from the domain to understand the sensitivity of different kinds of government documents. It is also vital so that the translator can customize its approach depending upon the different types of documents.


Having knowledge of the language is not enough, understanding of the government domain is also a must. The translation should not be accurate with respect to language alone but should also be correct in terms of the context of the translated data. Another important factor here is that the services need to have extremely experienced professionals and should be super quick without compromising on the security, quality, and accuracy of the government content.

Linguistic challenges are the unavoidable part of a translator’s life but there are many more challenges that are faced by the government translation agencies. One of them is the critical nature of government documents. Any error, mistranslation, or spelling mistake can have a widespread impact. Even a small error in a sentence or in a legal document, on a diplomatic point, or others have the potential to arise issues in the nation.


When it comes to government documents that are associated with international concerns, correct and accurate translation is even more important as any translation error can impact the relationships between the two nations. Therefore, only mature and experienced translators should be hired for the process.

The translation requirements for a diplomatic document will be different from a government contract or agreement. Similarly, a legal government document needs to be translated in a different way than an emergency notice. All of these and more government documents have their own requirements and it is the translator or the translation agency’s duty and responsibility to offer customized services to its clients.

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