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Feb 3, 2021

A social network for researchers? This is something that you cannot miss. In these times of social media, researchers and custom writing service also have their space for interaction with this new portal. was founded in 2008 and is a network to connect academics and researchers that promote free access to information. What more does our thesis need? The free most academic classifications are enough to capture our attention and dedicate a space to this network among our considerations.

This social network works with free access and is aimed at researchers who want to share their work and follow the professional progress of others, without having to wait for the long process of publishing a book or in a specialized journal. The portal offers an out-of-the-box peer review and distribution system.

Peer review is a process used to guarantee the quality and validity of articles through peer review or arbitration. In the editorial production chain, this process is carried out before distribution and may take time, but this social network offers researchers an expeditious way to publicize their work and review the most important advances in other areas of knowledge that are of their own. interest.

It is not the same as a repository of scientific material, which works as an online archive of academic material already published. Here researchers can make their work known without the need for an institution to publish it, but without losing the support and category that peer review supposes for any study.


It is not an educational portal, although the materials published and shared services that purpose. It is an alternative to promote the exchange of knowledge freely. In this sense, the authors empower themselves in the process of publishing their own work, accelerating the times and promoting novelty in scientific work.

To take advantage of the benefits of you just have to access its page and register, which is free. Then you can create a profile according to your interests and the authors you want to follow. The portal will offer you recommendations of people you can follow and material related to your tastes. Also, there is the option of the search engine.

Each researcher has his profile that reveals his areas of interest, his published works organized in different categories and contact information, which includes mail and other social networks that he may be using. Users can relate through messaging.


Supported academic material, freely accessible and updated in the area of ​​knowledge you prefer. You can follow researchers, writers, professors, and colleagues to find out about their news and have access to them expeditiously. Also, you can make your contributions and help enrich the network. For people who publish there is an excellent statistical tool that allows them to keep important counts of their materials: visits, downloads, traffic, keywords, etc. In other words, it helps them measure the impact of their own jobs.

Other benefits are: uploading a curriculum summary and access to an international job bank, group sessions, linking with audiovisual material on different websites, and marking the texts for later reading.

Do you want to be updated in the world of scientific research and take advantage of the materials for your thesis? So, don't miss the opportunity that offers you.



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