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Feb 2, 2021

While there are few sizes that you can carry around in your pocket, a pocket pussy is a great companion. It's also gratifying to see that male masturbators are expanding their horizons. The pocket pussy has come a long way from a flimsy, awkwardly constructed, bodiless vagina. While the vagina/vagina look is still common in many products, the pocket pussy has become more refined, transcending its reliance on a creepy reconstruction of the female anatomy. In this article, I'll cover 9 of the best pocket pussy options you should consider purchasing.

9. Fleshlight Destroya (Fleshlight Girl Destroya)

8. Bovet Men's Performance Enhancer

7. Tenga Flip Hole

6. Rechargeable Vibrating Pocket Pussy by Tracy'sDog

5. Vibratex Maven Male Sleeve

4. Zemaria Pocket Pussy Double-Headed

3. Palokais Rotating Male Masturbator

2. Fleshlight Alien (Fleshlight Geek)

1. Realistic Textured Pocket Vagina by Tracy's Dog


Learn about the pocket pussy of your choice
Pocket pussies are artificial vaginas or other orifices designed for male masturbation. There are countless options available and there are quite a few technological innovations. For example, traditional pocket pussies have always been gripped and inserted, but there are also models that use electronic devices for stimulation.

Some pocket pussies also include a visual touch with a vaginal or anal opening made to replicate a real person's vagina or anal opening. This is accomplished by using an actual female or male mold to replicate the appearance of the desired orifice. A very popular pocket pussy using this technique is the Fleshlight Destroya, which has a vaginal opening modeled after porn actress Stoya.


Pocket pussy materials and care
Unless you are going the DIY pocket pussy route, your most common materials are the SuperSkin used by Fleshlight or the TPE used in most other pocket pussy materials. both are great materials, and their use also means they must have a fair degree of flexibility. They may also be porous, which means it's best not to share your pocket pussy with others, or at least take extra precautions.

Even the best pocket pussies need to be cleaned. Most manufacturers recommend that sex toys be cleaned within an hour of use. In most cases, running water should be sufficient for cleaning. Allow the pocket pussy to dry completely before placing it in storage. You can also use a mild antibacterial agent for cleaning, but remember the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the pocket cunts and always follow them.

Always use lubricant
It is important to use lubricant on your pocket pussy. Even the best pocket pussy won't feel as good if it's not properly lubricated. Water-based lubricants should be the material of choice and used liberally so that everything is properly lubricated up. This helps prevent micro-cracks in the material of the pocket pussy, thus extending its shelf life. More importantly, it makes the texture and material feel much better on your penis.

You may also consider placing the pocket pussy in hot water before using it. Let it reach a warm temperature and enhance the sensation. Just be sure to check that the temperature is comfortable before you put your penis in it.


Put your preferences first
You buy a pocket pussy for enjoyment, so the best pocket pussy is one that will satisfy your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy.

The shape of the vaginal opening
While vagina shape is usually used for pocket pussy mouths, not everyone likes the look. Maybe it's the thought of a stripped down organ or just a general aversion to synthetic vaginas; either way, it's important to consider the design you want. Many of the pocket pussy options listed here have no obvious anatomical reference, so enjoy yourself with a unisex shape.

Pocket Pussy Portability
Given the regular size of the product, even the best male masturbators can't be carried around easily. It may not always be possible to carry around a cylinder that easily measures about 8 inches or more and is a good diameter. In scenarios where portability becomes important, you might consider something that is easier to move around, such as a Tenga egg. And of course, be prepared to use your hands!

Durability and cost
If you plan to use your pocket pussy regularly, you'll want to be somewhat cost effective. A pussy that falls apart after a few uses, or one whose material has deteriorated is not worth it. Cost is a similar consideration, and you should try to strike a balance between quality and price. Try to make sure the product has a good reputation and offers a warranty to tide you over.

Technology involved
The sex toy industry covers a wide variety of options. Traditional pocket pussy involves the layers you insert into it, while others use technology and electronics to create sensation and stimulation.

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