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Jan 28, 2021

With the latest technology and many competitors joining the airline industry, the best way to select the airlines you wish to travel with is by comparing them in regards to the facilities they provide, the service they offer to all the passengers and other amenities. Hence we have curated this blog comparing Delta Airlines and American Airlines to understand which is better and why. Passengers traveling with Delta Airlines and American Airlines reservations do have slight differences in respect to the class they are traveling. 


American Airlines Vs Delta Airlines


Let’s begin our comparison by pointing out the differences in the service offered by these airlines


Business Class Amenities

Both the Airline have increased the level of quality in terms of business class amenities. With Delta Airlines introducing Delta One, American Airlines have come up with Super Diamond seats to increase the comfort and safety of their business class passengers.  The two models have already elevated the level of inflight service making other airlines use the same amenities. Along with the seats, they have even improved the quality of food, drinks and entertainment to ensure their business class passengers have a pleasurable flight. As we can see, the numbers suggest that American Airlines is leading the industry by providing better business class amenities as compared to Delta Airlines. 


Check-in and Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines as well as American Airlines both have similar baggage and check-in policies for all their passengers. It is because of these strict rules that the airline manages to keep the travelers safe and sound without hampering their vacation. If the passenger wishes to carry extra luggage, they can do so by simply paying a minimal amount to the airline. 


Overall Rating by Passenger Reviews


Passengers who have traveled with American as well as Delta Airlines reservations have mentioned that Delta Airlines is a better airline as compared to the American Airlines. Travelers have also mentioned that Delta Airlines have outperformed American Airlines in many ways including inflight entertainment, precautionary measures during COVID-19 and other factors. American Airlines do have higher value for their miles award points that do have a slight positive factor but still in terms of the reviews, Delta Airlines is a better airline as compared to American Airlines. 


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