Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning: Back to Basics


Jan 26, 2021

Both Artificial Intelligence Online Course and Machine Learning Online Course are common concepts used in the field of computer science. There are some distinctions between the two, however. We are going to speak about the variations that set the two fields apart in this article. The variations will enable you to get a better understanding of various regions. To find out some more, read on.


The phrase Artificial Intelligence is a combination of two words: intelligence and artificial, as the name suggests. We understand that the word artificial points to or refers to something that is not normal that we make with our hands. Intelligence refers to humans' capability to reason or perceive.

It's necessary, first of all, to keep in mind that AI is not a machine. Instead, it refers to something in a system that you enforce. Though there are many AI meanings, one of them is very important. In order to make them do things that only humans can do, AI Course in Chennai is the research that helps train computers. So, we kind of make a computer like a person to perform a job.

The type of learning that allows a machine to learn on its own and there is no programming involved is machine learning. In other words, over time, the machine learns and automatically improves.

And you can make a program that, with the passage of time, learns from its experience. Let's have a look at some of the key distinctions between the two words now.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to AI Online Course. In this case, intelligence is information acquisition. The computer, in other words, has the opportunity to deliver and evaluate knowledge.

The primary aim of an AI-based method is to increase the probability, not accuracy, of success. So, it's not about growing precision.

It requires a computer program that works like humans in a smart way. In order to solve several complex problems, the aim is to improve natural intelligence.

It's about decision-making, which contributes to the creation of a mechanism that mimics people in certain situations to react. In fact, the optimal solution to the given problem is pursued.

Machine Learning

The development of an ability or expertise applies to Machine Learning Course in Chennai or MI. The aim, unlike AI, is to improve accuracy rather than increase the success rate. The idea is very simple: the computer gets knowledge and proceeds to learn from it.

In other words, in order to optimize the efficiency of the computer, the system's objective is to learn from the provided data. As a result, the machine continues to learn new things, which could include creating algorithms for self-learning. ML is more about gaining more information in the end.


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