How to run a Facebook ads split test


Jan 20, 2021

After reading the content above, you now know that business needs split test to select the right elements for your Facebook ads to increase conversion rate. But just knowing how important a Facebook advertisement split test is will never be enough as you need to know the ways of running a split test on your Facebook ads.

First, you will need to make a decision on which elements that you need to run a split test. There are many elements that you can choose such as Image, text, landing page, position of your ad (newsfeed or right-hand column), headline, target audiences or any other elements that you think might affect your conversion rate. Most of the business select image as their split test element because ‘image is the king’ in the world of Facebook ads. Let’s take a look in the example below, a split test example done by Adespresso

They have created 2 different designs: A design with a real life image and a design with an illustration. The ad with an illustration got 143% more conversion than the other ad.

After they found out that the illustration design performed better, they continue a second split test with the ad that performed better with another element. Let’s take a look on the example below:

They created another design with a different color and design for the ‘FREE EBOOK!’ button in the image. They continued with the split test and the ad with green button got a 13% higher conversion rate than the ad with a white button. That’s the way AdEspresso ran they split test.

So overall, we know that the split test process is not as complicated as we think. You just need to come up with 2 or more different designs of facebook ads and distribute them to 2 groups with the same amount of audiences. Then, you have to track the result such as conversion rate and cost per sale. After obtaining the result, you should however not stop but instead keep on testing with other different elements till you find the perfect combination of ads’ design that your target audiences like.

However, there is a thing that you need to remember and that is the lifespan of an advertisement’s design is pretty short. At some point, people will get bored with your ads and you’ll have saturated the audiences you were targeting. But always keep testing because when the moment comes, you’ll be ready to scale the budget on a brand new campaign.





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