What You Need To Create the Perfect SEO Report


Jan 6, 2021

As a digital marketer, you know that providing an SEO report is crucial. However, it is not one of those very entertaining jobs as it consumes time and tires, but you can make it a game-changer and succeed in your business. Following these tips will make your work easier and improve your relationship with clients.

Choose Words That Are Easy To Understand

Some words may be familiar to you, but it may not be the case with your clients. SEO has its words that may be hard to understand for someone not accustomed to them. So, when creating your report, remember to offer clarifications, analogies, or definitions of such words.

Cut Out Unnecessary Information

In a bid to relay your report in the best words, you may go overboard. Some of the metrics you want to insert may not be relevant to the client reading them. Therefore, provide information without using too many words and be concise but clear.

Check Errors

There are several things that an SEO report should have. Some of them include keyword rankings, web page optimization, website score, and backlinks overview. However, due to the routine you have gotten used to, you may omit some of the necessary items.

A report may even have errors or technical problems. You can visit https://sitechecker.pro/web-hosting/forum-hosting/ to check for errors. You can check for SEO parameters by inserting the page's URL, and you will discover any weaknesses during the audit.

Offer the Best Visualization

It would be best to impress your clients, and that depends on how you provide data visualizations. The graphs and charts you use should be clear and accurate. You may have the best data, but it may be hard to communicate if you use poor visualization.


When it comes to reporting, you need to have the client in mind and offer them the SEO techniques that will benefit them. It will help you create a report that will be easy for them to understand and improve their websites.



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