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May 17, 2019

~ Welcome to Korea ~
By Korea Tourism Organization


If you currently live abroad, you may have heard at least once about Korea, whether it is about the food (such as Kimchi), the K-Drama (such as Goblin) or K-Pop (such as BTS). You may have even heard about Korea from the issues arising from North Korea. Although Korea is small, it has become one of the most influential countries the past couple of years.


South Korea, or officially known as the Republic of Korea, is one of the most economically developed countries in Asia along with its neighbors, Japan and China. It has a population of approximately 51,635,256 (as of September 2018), with most of the population residing in the metropolitan areas such as Seoul or Busan



The main language used in the country, both reading, writing and speaking is Korean, while the written version is called Hangul. Many Koreans are obliged to learn English as the second language, and it is also mandatory to teach English, or a second language in public institutions.


It is visited annually by tens of millions of international travellers, many who come as tourists, while some decide to study or even work at Korea. It is hard to segment which nationality or types of visitors visit Korea the most, but there has been an overall change from Asian ethnic, to European or North American visitors. 


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