Dolores Miles

Dec 30, 2020

Australian Translation Services is a NAATI accredited translator based in Australia, which provides translation services Australia, as well as interpretation. We are  NAATI translators, who specialize in translating official documents such as driving license, medical reports, birth certificates and various other such documents in a timely and accurate manner. 

We translate into English from various languages, such as French, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Hebrew and myriad other languages. 

Our guarantee is full customer satisfaction, for which we have a 24/7 support helpline, as well as employing only professional and expert NAATI licensed translators.We also provide interpreting services in various languages for those who might need them. 

Our high quality of translation, expert translators and interpreters, and round the clock support, as well as our best in market prices make us one of the leading translation services in Australia.


Dolores Miles

NAATI Translator

Dolores Miles

I am a professional Naati Translator over 5 years of Experience. Learning various languages is my passion and that's why I have chosen this profession. I am experienced in French translation, Spanish Translation, Japanese Translation etc. I am working with reputed Translation Company named Australian Translation Services. Follow me to know more about Translation Services.