What types of jobs can you get with CCNA?

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Dec 22, 2020


Cisco offers associate-level certifications for networking professionals. It includes video, voice, cloud, service provider, data center, wireless, industrial, routing, and switching. Learn the types of jobs you can get with the CCNA course in Chennai, some of them are listed below:


CCNA Security

CCNA Collaboration

CCNA Routing and Switching

CCNA Service Provider

CCNA Industrial

CCNA Cyber Ops

CCNA Wireless

CCNA Cloud



CCNA Security


CCNA Security validates the knowledge of entry-level security jobs, it is mainly focused on the IT environment.


CCNA security Job titles


  1. Security Engineer

  2. Network Security Engineer

  3. Information Security Analyst

  4. Cbersecurity Engineer


Security probably falls on the network admins plate in both small and medium organizations. The security engineer can perform network admin tasks in the public sector. Know more about security CCNA Course Online support.


Security administrators can handle the day-to-day tasks related to network security and system. Thye configure security tools such as anti-virus software, firewalls, and many more. 


CCNA Collaboration


It covers Cisco's primary collaboration solutions such as video conferencing offerings and Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. CCNA Training Online guidance helps to learn more about networking.


CCNA Collaboration Job titles


  1. Collaboration Engineer

  2. Telecom Engineer

  3. VoIP Engineer


It is especially for VoIP telephony engineers who can operate IP telephone systems easily.


CCNA Routing and Switching


It is designed to prove your basic computer knowledge and operate the Cisco network equipment.


CCNA Routing and Switching Job Titles


  1. Network Analyst

  2. System Administrator

  3. Network Administrator


System admins deal with operating systems and computers. Network admins maintain the server, router and switches.


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CCNA Service Provider


Cisco provides an underlying support to collaboration, video streaming, Wide area networking, mobile access, and many more. CCNA course in Bangalore provides amazing support to learn everything about networking.


Job Titles


  1. IP Designer

  2. Backbone Support Engineer


CCNA Industrial


It is mainly for manufacturing engineers, plant administrators, and process control specialists.


Job titles


  1. Industrial Network Engineer

  2. Industrial Network Specialist


CCNA Cyber Ops


This certification provides a framework for an analyst to identify the threats easily. Learn the benefits of networking via CCNA Training in Chennai, expert support is helpful to become a professional network administrator.


CCNA Cyber Ops Job titles


  1. Cybersecurity Engineer

  2. Information Security Analyst

  3. Security Engineer


CCNA Wireless


It focuses more on skills to observe wireless networks for optimal performance. 


CCNA Wireless Job Titles


  1. Mobility Engineer

  2. Field Network Engineer

  3. Wireless Network Administrator


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