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May 14, 2019

Hi everyone! It's me again with another blog to explain to you about the scholarships given by Universities this time. There are very many scholarships provided by the universities and listing them would be almost endless. This is a little summary of the scholarships available and how you can find details about them.


University Scholarships

A. Introduction: Universities have different scholarships ready for international students to lessen the burden of paying school fees and living in Korea. Though each university provides scholarships based on different criteria, scholarships are generally awarded to students with outstanding scores and performance. 


B. Qualification:

  • Students with outstanding GPA scores
  • Students who make great improvements from previous GPA scores
  • Students with high TOPIK scores
  • Students who were recommended by faculty members

Above are the general criteria required for University scholarships. The amount of scholarship given under such circumstances differ based on each University and degree. Generally, scholarships are awarded to students who perform well in their school as a form of incentive. 


C. Date of application
Differs by the scholarship type as some may last until you graduate and some do not. You should check with your universities on the date of application. However, most of the times it would be after or before the semester, during summer or winter. 
 D. Documents: 
There are no specific documents required for these scholarships except your grades or a recommendation letter from a professor and it depends on the scholarship program as well. Some scholarship program may also be limited by your nationality. Hence be sure to check if the scholarship applies to you as well.  


This list of universities will help you find out what university scholarships are available: http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/overseas_info/request/universityList.do

For further details on the scholarship, I suggest that you look into the official university website (which will be shown in the link above according to the school) 

Thank you for reading this post! I will continue to put an effort to provide you with any useful information. If there are any changes or mistakes that you want to mention, feel free to email me at (wakandasian@gmail.com). You can email me personally if there are any questions as well and I will give a reply either through the blog or personally.




Life of an international student in Korea


Hi! My name is Inku and this is my blog for foreigners willing to study in Korea. A little something about myself, I am a Korean who studied in Indonesia for 12 years and in Singapore for another 7 years. Then, I came back to Korea to complete my university here. Currently, I'm studying at Underwood International College (UIC) in Yonsei University. Being overseas for almost my whole life, I understand the struggles of international students living in Korea. Luckily, thanks to my ethnic background and familiarity with the country's culture, I could find my way of adjusting to life in Korea. In this blog, I want to share with you my information that international students need so that you know what to expect from studying in Korea and to prepare and adjust.