Dealing with a Social Media Hack: 5 Important Steps to Help Secure Your Account


Dec 18, 2020

Hackers gaining access to your social media accounts could compromise a lot for you. Once they’re in the system, there’s no telling what they’d do. If you feel – or are certain – your account has been compromised, there are a number of important steps you can take to regain control.

How can you tell your account is compromised?

There are a number of signs that reveal your account has been compromised. These include:

1.      An email telling you your password has been changed when you didn’t initiate a change.

2.      Posts and updates appearing on your account without your input.

3.      Activities such as likes and follows not authorized by you.

4.      Notifications of apps or games now connected with your account without your authorization.

5.      Information about messages received by friends and family which you didn’t send.

5 steps to secure your account after a hack

1. Scan for Virus

One of the most important tools used by hackers, viruses and malware infect your PC, steal your passwords and report back to the hacker. Do NOT change your password without first eliminating every possible virus.

2. Change and upgrade your password

If your account has been hacked, your password is no longer safe. To regain full control, change your password and make it even tougher to crack than last time.

3. Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra security layer beyond simple passwords. This could be a security question, one-time password, or your fingerprint. The hacker must have access to these before accessing your account.

4. Review account permissions

A hacked third-party app connected to your account provides easy access for hackers. Remove apps with intrusive permissions, those you no longer use, and those you can’t remember permitting.

5. Check your mail

If you’ve been hacked and your password changed, chances are your mail is also compromised. Change your email password immediately. It’s also important to check for redirected/forwarded mails and phishing codes left in your email signature.

You can improve your security using a VPN

Connecting to unsafe public networks ranks highly as one of the easiest means to gain unauthorized access to your personal details. A VPN can eliminate this threat by encrypting your data and keeping it from third-party watchers. It also filters out viruses and malware, serving as an online antivirus.

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