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How to write the perfect article for an online business blog? There are many factors to consider if we want to reach more people and have our customers find us on the web. Whether it's retaining users on pages or achieving conversion, good content is a critical factor in achieving success. We write paper reviews about writing articles. And in this article, we recommend tips that help us write an article quickly and efficiently.


Maybe the image seems to have little to do with the article, but your creativity will help get good content for your online business blog or personal page. Give free rein to your imagination, and you will be happy writing. Besides, ideas are expressed in a much more spontaneous way, and it is something that your readers will appreciate.


Never write because you have something to publish, do the relevant research for your topic and its market niche, and write a post with the best possible information. Your online business blog or the website for which you publish your content will be successful or not, depending on the quality and optimization of those articles and never on their quantity. Quantity is not the same as quality!


Having a lot of content published can increase the number of visits and a lot of them, but if your posts do not manage to position, they were just a waste of time. That's why I share with you below what, in my experience, is the best way to write a perfect or not perfect article for your business blog or personal website.


Key Points When Writing and Publishing Like an Expert


Whether you are an expert or not, I faithfully believe that when writing good content, the key is in the approach, worrying about answering questions, clarifying doubts, and fulfilling a single objective, that of providing satisfactory answers to the needs of our users, as well as those of prospects or customers in the case that we sell a product or are offering a service.


On the Internet, you can find a lot of information on how to write and publish your articles, and that's why I put a lot of care in this to leave you some guidelines that will help you in that purpose. Many of the recommendations are also valid for other media outside of blogs and websites (newspapers, magazines, or other print media).


The first thing and many on the Internet will tell you, is to write only original articles. We know that it is not easy to come up with good, utterly new content every day, but I urge you to write your essays. This way, you will achieve better positioning in search results and avoid being panicked. Look for sources of inspiration, and above all, learn as much as you can about your subject, and you will be able to write more efficiently.


Guidelines for Writing the Perfect Article for Google and Your Customers?


Part of the success is to remember that we are also doing it for Google and other search engines in addition to posting for our users, prospects, or customers. At this point, the following recommendations are fundamental:


1. Write to your clients or visitors and never for yourself


Before writing an article, find out how many people are looking for that content. This way, you will be writing your posts for a large audience, and your time will not be wasted writing about phrases that no one or few people are looking for and positioning well with your articles.


2. Emphasize the quality of your articles


Never make the mistake of writing just because you have something to publish. Take your time to mature the idea, do a little research and only write when you are inspired and above all have mastered the subject matter.


If one day you want to be taken into account as an expert, that your articles are recommended and even published on other websites, give your best, whether you write an excellent essay or not, and if you ask when to write an article for a personal or business website? I would tell you, only when you are inspired and know what you are talking about!


3. Use the right hook


Use a good headline. If you want to write good content and have it read, it must capture the reader's attention. Don't forget to include the keywords you want readers to find you by, at least the most important or relevant ones. Users may find you with them in addition to the headline. I guarantee that your blog will be more visible.


4. Keyword density


The idea is one or two per 100 words and placed so that they are consistent. The body of the article must be distributed in a way that both Google and the reader appreciate. In many cases, it is advisable to use synonyms, and that within the post is scattered every one of the words of our headline. In this way, we always remember to comply with what was promised in our article's title.


5. Always look for your readers' feedback


Show what your online networking skills are, invite them to comment on your article. Don't be afraid to comment (both positive and negative comments enrich our work) and always answer their questions and concerns. Participation is essential, and if they can share the post on social networks, so much the better.


6. Link your articles


If you write a high-quality post, it is essential to link it to another that complements it, either within the same web by linking your entries or by including an external link to give a better user experience and to have your post better positioned in Google.


The anchor text is placed over the primary keyword or a very similar and conveniently at the end of the article (this is when we point to third-party sites and want to retain the user longer).


7. Put the right image


A picture is worth a thousand words: Always illustrate your articles with images and videos. Visual content draws more attention from our readers. Your item may not be perfect, but it will look great with a good idea. You can use Flickr images under Creative Commons license or paid image banks like Shutterstock or Fotolia or some free ones like Morguefile.


8. Clarity and transparency


Express a straightforward and easy to understand the message to your visitors. Don't decorate your tickets with too much or too much flourish. The readers and clients of a business blog or any other subject are looking for simple, straightforward, and non-deceptive content, leading by example and gaining their trust. Use short sentences with a simple structure (Subject-Verb-Predicate) and short paragraphs of no more than six lines (which is already a lot depending on your template and font size).


9. Be careful with your recommendations


An online business blog must take excellent care of its image since success or not depends on it, and it is not only the way it looks but its reputation. Therefore we have to be very careful with the products and services we recommend and how we do it. An article may not be successful if it points to a website with a bad reputation, and with this content, we damage all our blog and the work we do in it. 


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