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Dec 15, 2020

Informatica is a software development company that delivers data integration products. It provides products such as ETL, data masking, data replicas, and master data management. Informatica power center is used to link and collect data from heterogeneous sources in the data integration process. Informatica training in Chennai allows you to learn more about this technology.


Various Informatica editions

Informatica Control Center has numerous editions

  1. Regular Edition 
  2. Advanced Edition 
  3. Premium Edition

Both these editions are used by the tech goods of the consumers using IT.


Informatica Use cases

  1. Informatica is used here, the transition of data from an existing server to a new database.
  2. The business environment includes an ETL tool for transferring data to the warehouse from a framework.
  3. Informatica can be used to combine data from a device containing several databases.


Need for Informatica technologies

The use of Informatica technology will help you execute certain context data operations. This is like washing up and updating the files. They offer features such as data level, semi-structured, or unstructured row level to store data information.


Informatica workflow

Workflow is claimed to be an instruction or command group that integrates the IT operation. The integrating service reads and retrieves the workflow information and loads the resource to the target after results.

A workflow is an empty container that stores and then execute an entity. You should include the work you want to do in this fashion. In two different forms, one sequence-based and one event-based, typically a workflow is performed.


Workflow modules

The workflow comprises 3 types of modules,

· Developer of tasks

· Designer function

· Creator of workflow


The developer of tasks – You can create reusable artifacts in this context. In certain workflows, these artifacts can be also used. The job creator includes 3 types of interchangeable objects: command work, session work, and e-mail work.


Designer function – It is a task group that can be replicated in multiple work applications.


Creator of the workflow – The task on which the data is added is performed.


Informatica Certification

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