Best Ways For Long Term Ammo Storage


Dec 14, 2020

Are you a gun owner? So the first important thing you must know about is that How do you properly store ammo to increase shelf life and provide organized access? 

In this article, we will share some tricks that will help you to demonstrate how to properly store them.


The enemies of your ammunition are heat humidity and temperature fluctuations that actually destroy your ammunition. If you are going to make the investment and want to have your ammo for whenever you want to go shooting, you need to keep it away from high heat environments.



Ammo Storage: Tips and Tricks


 How do you properly store ammo to increase shelf life and provide organized access? In the beginning, I would pick up a box of ammo here and there. Usually enough to go to the range and not much more. Since I was going through it so quickly, I Didn't really have any concerns about corrosion or humidity. Now that I have a few more calibers I decided to come up with a better system for storage and organization. Ammo is heavy. In an emergency, how easy would it be for you to pack up your ammo and load it out of your house? For example, if you have a large wooden crate full of ammo or a chest, you probably couldn't lift it, much less get it out of your house quickly. 


There's a reason the military uses ammo cans. Portability. They also seal nicely to keep moisture from coming in. It can make it easier to inventory your ammo if you have it in small portions rather than all just in one big crate. Inside the ammo can, I'll have some in these cases, some in the ammo boxes they come in. Depending on if I buy it in bulk or not, I'll just have loose ammunition in the can. Some people obsess over if it's all facing the same direction or all perfectly lined up on the inside. As long as it's dry inside, I don't care how they fall. When I go to the range, I use these small plastic cases. This makes it easy to see what I have and how much. 

I also find it easier to load into magazines when they are all facing the same way. These are made by Plano and I picked mine up at Bass Pro and Amazon. They come in different sizes for different calibers. I'm intentional about keeping my calibers to a minimum. I don't want to have 100 different types of ammunition to keep track of and separate. I like to keep just to my few calibers and build my firearms around that. With my system, I can clearly see how much and what I have. I use my oldest ammo first and that also helps increase the shelf life. I'm not into reloading... yet. But I always do clean-up my brass and I'll Give it to someone who does reload. It's also just responsible to clean-up after yourself at the range. 

Most ammo cans are green. Here's an example of a cool white one I found in our house that we just purchased. To differentiate their cans, most people will put tape on it or write in sharpie or spray paint it or something with a stencil. I like things neat and simple so I found these cool labels, which I will link in the description below. F

or a couple of bucks you can get just about any ammo sticker you need and they have some other fun stickers on there as well. Clean and dry. Simply put, ammunition doesn't like moisture. If your ammunition is clean and dry it will have a longer shelf life. Inside the ammo cans, I'll also throw in a desiccant packet or I'll add a RedHead Safe Dri can. It has the same little beads, but you can actually put this in your oven, follow the instructions and it sucks the moisture out so you can use them again. The nice thing is this takes on any moisture that might be in your can instead of your ammunition. I also keep all my ammo cans in a humidity-controlled safe with a GoldenRod. 

Extreme heat can cause issues with your ammo. Essentially, just don't put it in the trunk of your car on a hot summer day for multiple days at a time and you'll probably be fine in most normal circumstances.




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