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Jun 22, 2021

In case you ave already tried recovering your account, and you are facing a pop up saying “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” then you shouldn’t lose hopes and try the following steps –

  • Just answer as many questions as possible by trying not to skip in case you are unsure, then take your best guess instead of jumping it.
  • Details do matter, so try to pay attention even to the upper caste and lower caste letters.
  • In case you are asked for the last password you remember, enter the most recent password you used to sign in previous time.
  • If you are asked security questions and don’t know, you need to take your best guess

    User needs to add recover information to make sure they can get back to their account. A recovery phone number helps to reset the password when you forget it or if someone else is using it.

    Below are some enlisted ways in which you can use your recovery phone number.

  • In case you are locked out, this recovery phone number will help you to get back by sending a verification code to your mobile number.
  • Users can also block some from using their account without information.
  • The recovery phone number makes it easier for you to prove that this account belongs to you.
  • A recovery phone number also tells if there is any suspicious activity on your account.
  • The following steps will help you to get back your account with the help of recovery number-

  • Go to the web browser and the recovery page.
  • Enter the username and click on next.
  • Choose any one of the recovery options and check the linked phone number.
  • After reviewing the linked phone number tap on send ode
  • Once you get the verification code, Gmail will now allow you to create a new password.

  • Firstly, you need to go to the Google account page and then enter your email id.
  • Click on next, and tap forgot password.
  • After that, you will see password recovery options, where one of them will be the security question.
  • Now you need to answer some security questions amongst which is the DATE OF BIRTH.
  • After that, once you give the correct answer, you will receive a pop up for type a new password for the account, and in this way, the process of Gmail account recovery with the date of birth can be made quickly.

    To protect your account, you have to prove that the one trying to sign in is you.

    If you are asked to verify that it’s you, you can follow the following steps, and for this, you need to have your phone nearby with a good internet connection.

    On the screen stating verify it’s you, you need to complete the task, or you can even select ways to confirm that it’s you, some of the methods are listed below. 

  • a prompt sent to your phone
  • You can get a verification code posted by a text. 
  • Get a verification code by phone call.
  • Security code on your android device.
  • You can use a screen lock or fingerprint on your android device
  • How to Recover Google account without Phone number or Recovery email?

    Gmail is considered as the best and free email service provider developed by Google in 2004. You might use Gmail daily for email transfer, but what if you forget the password for your email address and your phone number or recovery email. You may still be able to restore access to your account by manually verifying your identity. You can even regain access to your account by manually verifying your identity just by following the steps given below:

  • Visit https //g.co/recover password reset website.
  • Enter your email id and then click Continue.
  • Click on the I don’t know button once you will be asked to enter the last password you remember.
  • Alternatively, enter the password that you last remembered and tap the eye icon to indicate Gmail to show me my password.
  • Go through the passwords.google.com account recovery.
  • You are supposed to received google verification code without requesting it.
  • You can also verify your account by g.co/verifyaccount QR code
  • Visit g.co/verifyaccount to let Gmail verify your account. If everything will be Ok, a message indicating “There aren’t any requests to verify it’s you. If you’re waiting for one, try refreshing the page” will appear on the screen.


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