How do i complain to Lufthansa?


Jun 21, 2021

Lufthansa is one of the best airlines in the world and quite known for its services. But sometimes there are many such situations occur where the person needs to provide the suggestion or to complain. Both factors play an imperative role and improve the airline service. 


Now the biggest question is how to complain to Lufthansa. You must be wondering the same question, if yes, then you can do this two ways, first to connect with the customer service team or to interact with a live person through the mail. 


Now, you must be thinking that how do I get through LufthansaThere are different ways to connect with them like you can use the phone number, live chat, and email. Now, even those who are facing issues related to hearing can have special numbers. With these, they can share complain and provide suggestions too. Now, it depends on the suggestions that which one you will choose. 


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