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Jun 18, 2021


Gamblers are always on the lookout for the best casino house that offers the most profitable deals. A casino online has to provide sufficient attractive bonuses to beat the competition and gain clients. Many online casinos go above and beyond and offer tantalizing incentives. These can range from a few free spins and games. However, some casinos offer a 500% deposit bonus welcome reward that no gambler can refuse. This deposit bonus multiplies a user's deposit fund 500 times, thereby increasing their chances of winning large-scale casino games.

How to Score the Best Bonuses on Casino Bonus?

Here are four things to keep in mind to win the 500% deposit bonus at an online casino:

What a 500% Deposit Bonus Does for You

Online casinos create games and offers to ensure you visit their sites. Many casinos are shifting from a PC format to an iOS or Android setup. This aims to encourage users to play at all times. One of the offers is a 500% deposit bonus. Another option to attain the magic percentage is to triple your primary deposit reward with a casino reward worth 200%. You can see how this plays into your favour once you start playing.

Learn the Limits of the Bonus

A 500% bonus deposit might sound splendid, but you should read up on the wagering requirements. These requirements ensure that a casino profits while giving away a certain sum of money. You can read this  article to get a more detailed idea about the limitations of the bonus. A fair wager requires that the casino limit your end sum. This ensures the casino does not have to pay out an insane amount of money in case you meet the percentage. Moreover, you may not be eligible to withdraw the bonus immediately nor the cash that you win on the bonus.

  • Minimum Deposit Determines Your Bonus

A gambler cannot possibly expect to win the 500% bonus deposit with a minimum deposit of $1 or so. The bonus deposit requires a certain amount of investment fund from the user. If you want, you can go for lower bonus deposit percentages with small deposit amounts. You should look up the requirements before investing your money to attain the bonus.
Casinos with the Best Chance to Win 500% Deposit Bonus

Here are top 10 casinos you can check out to try and with the coveted 500% deposit welcome bonus:

  • Samosa Casino
  • JackpotCity Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Casino Classic
  • Zodiac Casino
  • Lucky Nugget Casino
  • Casino Kingdom
  • All Slots Casino
  • Aladdin's Gold

Make sure you check up on the payment methods for a smoother and quick


You should first understand the boundaries of the 500% deposit before you try and withdraw the spare cash. A casino wants you to choose them and stay loyal to them. This enables the casino to build a sturdy client base and gain popularity among competitors. You should choose a casino that welcomes you with the most attractive offers and gives you a reason to stay. Call it a welcoming gift or a marketing ploy, but the bonus deposit amount works wonders. The casino receives higher footfall while the client receives formal free money and a chance to win more at games. Now that's a win-win situation!



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