How to get in average in NBA 2K21 quickly?

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Jun 17, 2021

NBA 2K21 invites you to feel like a true professional in the most famous basketball league on the planet. Start small and become an NBA star with MyCareer mode. Today we tell you how to increase the average in NBA 2K21 quickly


How to get in average in NBA 2K21 quickly

To rise in average fast in NBA 2K21 you will need two things: play well and spend NBA 2K21 MT coins -VC-. For this, there is nothing like starting to play by choosing your player well according to your game mode and gradually climbing, getting good ratings from your teammates and training on your virtual court.


Our advice is that you read the game manual to learn the controls. Take a look at our tutorials with the best NBA 2K21 dunks and our guide on how to defend in NBA 2K21. Once you control it, put these tricks into practice on the track.


How To Quickly Average In NBA 2K21 - Exceed Your Limits

If you want to go up fast on average, there are some tricks. The first is that do not be afraid to ask for the transfer if you see that there is no chemistry with your teammates or you do not feel comfortable. Play until you become a starter and this will allow you to exceed the average and reach beyond the 90 valuation. Later, when you are a starter, you can use this trick. win the game by more than 25 points and when your player is in possession of the ball in the last quarter he chooses to end the game with NBA 2K MT. This will give you a 99.9 rating on that match.


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