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Jun 16, 2021

Ceramic tile, as a decorative material, plays a crucial role in the development of the overall style of home decoration and is used extensively in this process. Floor tiles and wall tiles, as well as living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture and other different functional spaces, can all be used in a flexible manner with paving materials. Tiling has grown in importance as a component of the home decorating process in recent years. That is correct.

What are the various methods of tiling?
When paving, how do you figure out how many tiles you'll need?
What is the formula for calculating ceramic tile loss?

Method of laying ceramic tiles

At the moment, more and more homeowners want their homes to be more personalized and distinct from their neighbors' homes wholesale ceramic tiles. That is one of the reasons why custom homes are becoming increasingly popular. In the ceramic tile collocation, in addition to the development of more designs and styles to match, it is also possible to achieve the effect of decoration diversification through the use of different tile paving designs and methods.
A number of tile paving methods are currently popular, including paving and vertical paving, diamond paving, I-shaped paving, herringbone paving, I-shaped paving, and combined paving.

Paving can be done horizontally or vertically.

The following are the most important aspects of laying: paving in a straight line parallel to the wall. At the same time, it is pointed with a color that matches the brick on the wall. It has a fresh and clean appearance.
Suitable type: polished tiles are typically chosen because they are suitable for a modern, simple style.

Paving with diamond diagonals

Brick laying points: laying bricks at a 45-degree angle to the wall is a time-consuming and expensive method of brick laying. Leaving a wide seam between 3-8 mm between the antique tile and the brick is preferable when the antique tile is laid obliquely, as this can reflect the simple feeling of the brick. You can either choose a color that is close to the brick or a contrast agent to deal with the brick joint to achieve the desired effect. In this case, the geometric line has been crisscrossed, which helps to make the overall effect more distinct and cohesive while also creating a strong three-dimensional feel in the space.

Formalized paving with a 45-degree angle is most commonly used for antique tiles, and it is appropriate for both European and Chinese styles wall tile, as well as modern simple styles. When viewed from the outside, the original square bricks will be transformed into rhombuses, which will not appear too rigid, and the inclined paving effect will appear more atmospheric.

A few pointers: a small size square tile inclined shop is appropriate for a small area of local embellishment because the use of a large area will give people a trivial feeling and cleaning is not very convenient.

Paving in the shape of an I

It is more commonly used for the installation of certain types of tiles, such as imitation wood tiles, and it is similar to the paving method of a wood floor. It is also similar to the paving method of a wood floor.

For type: I-shaped shape, which produces a sense of visual disorder, without being too monotonous, but also creates a solemn atmosphere, calm and heavy effect, as well as a sense of heaviness.
Tips: Using an I-shaped paving method can help to alleviate the oppressive feeling of a long and narrow space. It is appropriate for use in an aisle, kitchen, or toilet.

Herringbone paving is a type of paving that is laid in a pattern.

Laying points: two adjacent rectangular tiles are laid at a 45-degree angle to one another, with one side of one tile just aligned with the middle of the long side of the other, forming the shape of a 'human' when viewed from above. Alternatively, mosaic, pebbles, and other materials can be used to create a completely irregular shape cheap ceramic tiles.
Type that is appropriate: herringbone paving is a relatively new method of paving that is appropriate for a personalized modern simple style home.

Personal recommendations: herringbone paving has an extremely strong line sense, making it unsuitable for large-scale paving projects such as the living room and bedroom. Cement floors with mosaic and pebble patterns, as well as their variable color and shape, are also restricted to small areas of paving, such as a balcony or corridor, and are therefore only used for local decoration.

Paving with a combination of materials

The laying points are different sizes, styles, and colors of ceramic tiles, which are laid out in accordance with a specific paving combination.
Type that is appropriate: suitable for both European and rural styles, with more abundant paving methods. Typically, marble or ceramic tiles in a slightly darker color than the main tiles can be used to surround the floor with approximately 15 cm of space between each tile. The paving effect gives people the impression that the materials are more exquisite, and it can help to enhance the atmosphere of a space more effectively.

When used in a modern contracted style home, a ceramic tile combination with strong color contrasts can be used to spread, making the ground geometry line more rich and creating a very good contrast effect.

To give you some insider information, the matching products of combined paving include Boda line, ground parquet, and so on. Boda line is generally made up of dark colored tiles, with antique tiles having a special matching Boda line of their own. It is primarily used in the ground around the building, as well as in the corridor porch and other areas. Floor floss, corner flower, and other floor decorative paintings made of ceramic tiles are primarily used in the hall, under the tea table, and under the dining table, amongst other locations.

The total number of tiles

Some property owners are unsure of how to calculate the number of tiles that have been used. It is possible to calculate the amount of tile paving required based on the various paving methods and the size of the house. The loss of horizontal and vertical tiles is relatively small when paving is done in a specific manner. In most cases, one or two tiles are set aside for eventual loss. However, because the construction difficulty of rhombic paving and I-shaped paving is relatively high, and the loss rate is greater than 10% - 15%, more tiles must be prepared in order to compensate for the losses.

According to the size of the house, the most straightforward method of calculating the number of tiles is to first measure the total area of the space and then divide that figure by the area of a single tile, as shown in the illustration. In addition, it should be noted that if the calculation contains a decimal point, one more piece of china tiles must be prepared, and the method of rounding cannot be used. In addition, the home decoration requires the installation of ceramic tile along the waist line, skirting line, and sideline; this portion of the ceramic tile consumption can be calculated by measuring the length of the ceramic tile; in addition, a few extra pieces of ceramic tile are required to accommodate wear and tear.

The style of tiling used will have a direct impact on the overall decoration effect of the entire family space. In addition, the amount of tile paving will have an impact on the overall budget control for the decoration. Because of this, it is necessary to plan ahead of time the method of tiling and the dosage of ceramic tiles in order to have a clear idea and purchase ceramic tiles on demand before purchasing ceramic tiles. If necessary, the decoration construction party or tile shop can provide the construction design of tile paving, which can make it easier to understand when purchasing and laying the tiles, as well as effectively reduce the amount of waste produced.


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