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Jun 16, 2021

The current wig market is extremely mixed, in part because the general public has little understanding of wigs, and in part because the wig market is extremely opaque. A consequence of this is that many bad businesses replace inferior wigs with good wigs that are also made of human hair. Human hair, on the other hand, is classified into five grades. In order to popularize the classification of wigs and thoroughly explain the pit in wigs, I hope you can gain some insight into what to look for when purchasing wigs in the future, and avoid being duped by shady businesses.

Chemo fiber hair, human hair, and human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair are the three main types of wigs available on the market full lace 613 wig. Chemical fiber hair is a type of hair that is commonly used in cosplay. It's not appropriate for everyday wear, and it's difficult to keep clean and maintain. The only advantage is that it's in good shape and therefore doesn't require much maintenance. It is less expensive and can be used multiple times.

A minefield exists in the wig market when it comes to mixing human hair with chemical fiber hair. Rebecca essentially sells 70% human hair mixed with 30% chemical fiber hair, but she will clearly label it as such on her website. In order to improve the styling ability of wigs (by the way, Rebecca's wigs are prohibitively expensive), chemical fiber hair is mixed with human hair. There are far too many cold-hearted old businessmen who secretly touch the hair that has been mixed with chemical fiber before telling you that they are selling 100% human hair. This is something to which we should pay more attention. The most common method of identification is to cut a wisp of hair and light it on fire. The chemical fiber hair will have a strong plastic smell that will be very noticeable.

The term "human hair" is simply a generalization. Hair is classified into five grades based on the quality of the hair: bubble hair, shaved hair, Shun bubble hair, Shun cut hair, and Shun braided hair, to name a few. Shun braided hair is superior to Shun cut hair, which is superior to Shun bubble hair, which is superior to shave hair, which is superior to bubble hair. Generally speaking, after several washes, the hair will become extremely rough. The term "all human hair" is often used to refer to this type of hair in many businesses. If they intend to wear it on a daily basis, they should at the very least purchase Shun bubble hair. Before making a purchase, it is necessary to consult with the seller virgin hair vendors. Shun braided hair is widely regarded as the best wig available in the wig industry, and the raw materials used in its production are all high-quality hair that has never been permed or dyed. Human hair is also subdivided into different regions of the world. Chinese hair, on the other hand, is the best. If you're looking to purchase Chinese hair, you can do so.

Using a net, the wig's inner net is divided into two sections: a simulated scalp and a ventilation net. The price of the wig is also determined by the size of the simulated scalp area that is used. On the basis of its size, it can be divided into four categories: only the head spinning part is the simulated human scalp, only the hair seam part is the simulated human scalp, local simulated human scalp (up to 37 points), the front half of the head imitates the human scalp, and the entire head imitates the human scalp. In most cases, if you don't toss your hair, it's sufficient to simulate your scalp. If you like to toss your hair, you can imitate your scalp by using the first half of your head. In order to cover the extremely high costs, the price must be extremely high as well. I don't believe it is necessary at this time.

The flesh-colored portion of the mask represents the simulated scalp.  A mechanical ventilation net is present in the black part behind the black part, which indicates that this is a part of the process of localized needle delivery. The flesh-colored portion of the mask represents the simulated scalp. This is the first half of the double needle process, and it is important to understand it. The cost of a wig is determined by the process used to replicate a human scalp. The process that is being used is different, and the price is significantly lower. Generally speaking, the process can be divided into three parts: the hand weaving process, the needle insertion process, and the needle delivery process.

Hand weaving is a relatively traditional process that was used ten years ago, and its authenticity is relatively poor, making it a low-end process with limited appeal.

Needle insertion technology and needle delivery technology are relatively advanced technologies, the technology is relatively complex wholesale 613 wigs, and the price is relatively expensive, but the authenticity cannot be determined, and it appears that there is not much difference between the real scalp and the fake scalp, but the authenticity cannot be determined. Breathable mesh is typically produced through a woven or hand-woven process; hand-woven mesh is lighter than woven mesh, and its air permeability is higher; however, hand-woven mesh is more expensive than woven mesh.


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