WoW Burning Crusade Classic Guide: How To Earn A Lot Of Gold Quickly

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Jun 16, 2021

Gold is more important than ever in Burning Crusade Classic. Because in addition to reagents and handicraft materials, the first own flight mount wants to be financed.

AOEAH.COM has put together the best tips for gold farming so that your gold bag doesn't run out of steam with all the bills. Because those who pay attention in the hero school and have learned one or two professions in addition to the classic monster slaughter can also earn a golden nose in Outland.


Crafting and collecting fills the war chest

Especially at the beginning of Burning Crusade Classic, craft reagents such as herbs, ores, leather and fabrics are particularly popular and are traded at high prices in the auction house. Anyone who has mastered a collecting profession such as herbalism, mining or furrier should definitely use every opportunity during the level phase to collect the coveted materials.

If you have learned the profession of enchanter, we recommend that you disenchant every unloved green item in order to sell the later coveted Arcane Dust in the auction house. You should also sell nether cloth in the auction house rather than at the dealer. Unless you're a tailor: Then you absolutely have to hoard the purple fabric in order to weave the hotly traded shadow, primeval moon and magic fabric from it later.

Nether fabrics and the Urmondtaschen with their 20 seats are also in great demand. But the other skilled trades are also needed. Alchemists who make elixirs and potions, leather workers who sell nether cobra armor, and jewelers who now make the gems for the new sockets in the armor.

In short: Anyone who wants to earn a lot of WoW Classic TBC gold for sale quickly and in the long term in Burning Crusade cannot avoid expanding their craft professions. But even those who simply collect reagents and sell them in the auction house can become a gold goblin.


With original elements to a millionaire

You should also collect the new primal reagents such as primal fire, primal mana or primal water. They need almost all craft trades for the goods mentioned above, which is why they achieve high prices in the auction house. You don't need a collecting profession for the elements or their particles. You can either find the original items directly, or collect the individual particles that are mostly dropped by elementals.


Ten particles make up a primal element, and a primal element can, if necessary, be transformed into another with the help of alchemy, for example. Which of the primordial elements you should farm depends on the current supply and demand on your server. It is best to check your auction house before a farm tour to get an overview of the price situation.


Alternatively, many of the particles can also be farmed on the elemental plateau in northeast Nagrand. However, this area is very popular, so heroes can step on their feet here.


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