Builds for the Marauder Chieftain in Path of Exile 3.3

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Jun 16, 2021

The Path of Exile Chieftain is a fire-damaging character who uses attacks and totems to cause damage. Can greatly increase the utility of Totems by making them more resilient, taunting enemies they hit, and weakening nearby enemies, or by increasing his fire damage by converting physical damage to fire damage. As a result of the fire damage he and his totems deal, the Chieftain generates a significant amount of endurance charge and life leech, making him surprisingly difficult to kill in the heat of battle. Path of Exile 3.3 Marauder Chieftain Starter Builds are provided for you in this post by POE4SALE.

1. Super Budget, Uber Lab/Atziri/T16 Viable Righteous Fire Chieftain Starter Build (Uber Lab/Atziri/T16 Viable Righteous Fire Chieftain Starter Build

This build now includes Vaal RF as well as RF for free, hurray BUFFS. RF is frequently a skill that sets you ablaze, dealing significantly more spell damage poe currency and burning you for a significant amount of fire damage per second while also burning everything else around you in an AoE! Because of the Skill Tree and Gearing, the self-damage can be completely avoided, allowing you to take pleasure in a significant amount of BURNING Everything while only being tickled by the heat.

When you can get a Helmet crafted with 30% more Elemental Harm (Essence of Horror), or even a Helmet crafted with 30% Additional Harm, why not? As time passes (Essence of Delirium), a pair of gloves for your Righteous Fire four Link will become available, providing a significant increase in our damage.
Elemental or fire damage increased on your rings/amulets can also scale our RF/Molten Shell damage.

When you can get enough life, resistance, and movement speed out of your Burning Ground boots, their value is quite high.

Building a 4M Shaper DPS and Nebuloch Molten Strike Chieftain as a starter build is a good idea.

This build is extremely powerful and can be used to complete virtually all of the game's content material, as well as to defeat bosses. It has a low entry-level cost, requiring only the Nebuloch mace and Wildfire jewels, and it scales exceptionally well with buy poe currency the additional equipment investments that you make, both offensively and defensively.

This Build aimed to create a solid tanky boss killer and map clearer centered around the one-handed mace Nebuloch, which would be used to complete all end game content. The build is relatively inexpensive in comparison to what it is capable of, as you only spent about 250c on all of my current gear.

Molten Strike is a melee attack with a projectile component. This is our primary skill, and it is used for both mapping and boss defeat. Using this skill, 60% of our melee physical damage is converted to fire damage. With the ascendancy of the chieftain, the remaining physical damage is converted to fire. We will be able to concentrate our efforts on increasing our fire damage in this manner.

Ascendancy: Molten strike is beneficial because it converts 50% of our physical damage to fire damage, allowing us to convert 100% of our physical damage to fire damage.

In order to counter the degen caused by Nebuloch, we must create a source of endurance charge generation as well as life regeneration based on the number of our endurance charges.

The chieftain has many fire damage boosts, including the ability to cover enemies in ashes, increasing fire damage per endurance charge, and gaining a percentage of physical damage as additional fire damage. It also provides fire resistance and protects against the loss of life due to fire.

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