How To Choose Wood Tiles On Your Preference

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Jun 15, 2021

In Russia, they were able to produce floors with oak sticks as early as the 16th century, which approximate to the present parquet floors. Since that time, half a century has passed, yet parquet remains one of the principal floor coverings. There are various kind wood tiles available in the market right now, if you are struggling with choosing the right wood tiles, we will detail every type wood tiles, so that you can get the wood floor on your preference.

How To Choose Wood Tiles On Your Preference

The tile trend is toward the surface structure throughout time. This is why wood tiles are more popular since they have many different varieties. Furthermore, the benefits of wood floor tiles and other floors are due to environmental preservation, upkeep and simple maintenance. It may be used only in dry spaces, however, since increasing humidity may lead to distortion and attractiveness. By increasing the density and hardness of wood by pressing the wear resistance may be improved.


Flooring of parquet
Rocks 15-60 cm long, 3-10 cm wide and 16 mm thick are used for patchwork, with unique grooves and groove for mortise joints. For patchwork. This is the simplest parquet kind. It consists of affordable tree species including oak, maple, cherry, ash, walnut and Acacia. It's the simplest thing to do and install.


Classification by pattern of sewing:

  • Carrying – pattern and summary variable; pattern of classical structure;
  • Nature - a pattern with a summary, repeatedly repeated;
  • Selection - a little coherent image;
  • Guests mixed shear contrast;
  • Antiques - color game, patterns shifting.


The end of the parquet floor has a mortise compared to the wooden board. It has no more protection save the paint covering the surface of the furnace. It may last 70-90 years if utilized as planned. The moisture should not exceed 30%. The cheapest floor type, between 25 dollars and 65 dollars per square meter. Normally what's in the lobby or stacked living room.


Mosaic art
This is the hardest parquet to design and produce. For manufacture, several kinds of wood with distinct texture and colour. Arable, mahogany and ebony, ash, oak and Kempas are the most preferred tree species in this sort of parquet. Parquet floors are constructed and placed according to plan for a certain room area. The floor has good performance qualities - temperature resistance and fluctuations in humidity. Even if the moisture surpasses 45 percent, its properties will not be lost. The procedure is comparable to parquet flooring manufacture that might take more than one year. The panels are bonded and pushed together in intricate or even curved designs. The cost ranges from $7 million per square meter to $3 million. Rice is used mostly in museums, showrooms and luxury hotels.


Mosaic laminated
This parquet style has a parquet area of 40x40cm to 60x60cm. Mosaic is another form of parquet because different drawings may be constructed from it. This is one of the shield pattern variants. The basis of wood or concrete is put using adhesive. Parquets vary in their connection to the profiles at the bottom and edge:

  • Hardwood floors.  It's constructed of costly wood. On both sides it contains grooves and ridges on the other side. Nailed to the ground. Nailed. It is hardly utilized thus far because of the difficulty of its manufacture.
  • Soft floor parquet. The most affordable and typical floor. The parquet strips contain four-side grooves and rivets.
  • Rivets. This sort of parquet has an edge surrounded by a little cosine.
  • Use rivets for folding. This style of parquet is attached with an open incense or hot asphalt compound to incline folds on all four sides. This kind of floor is the hardest for kids
  • Laminated mosaic and mosaic panel tiles have the same features but a more variegated texture and color. That is why it is most commonly utilized to accent the décor in the living room.


Modular (parquet)
This parquet is still used in palaces and has the oldest manufacturing techniques. A little hard board is attached to the base, and the foundation is made up of boards or boards. The shielding area is generally 400 to 400 to 800 mm, often 7-8 mm thick. In most situations, parquet already has a paint finish, compared to prono parquet. It takes time to lay parquet. Although there are grooves and spines in their construction, there will be a gap between the connected screens if the appropriate angle isn't rigorously maintained. The tiny panel thickness enables them to stack without removal of existing layers of soil. The vertical shield pattern depicts a structure with three levels in which the two lowest levels consist of many perpendicular wood fibers, primarily conifers. Top layer - not more than 4 mm thick, made of rare hardwood.

  • Parquet flooring is separated by kind of substratum into the following categories:
  • Base frame. Strapping takes place at the corners of the frame on glue and spines. The filler rod is attached to the bonding groove by a straight mandrel.
  • Base frame. The peeling veneers are on both sides of the floor.
  • Two frames base. Reiki is vertical and is bonded together.
  • Particleboard floors. Particle board floors. The foundation material may alternatively consist of a particle board attached to cement.


The parquet floor

They are made of different types of wood arranged in layers. There are chicken wing wood, ash wood, pine, Acacia and other soft varieties. The top layer is made of harder types such as oak, walnut and mahogany. In the factory, wood is ground, bonded, pressed and painted to achieve high strength and durability.

Thanks to the complex technical treatment, prono parquet can resist the change of humidity in the room. Thanks to perfect geometric proportions and absolutely smooth surfaces, a perfect floor covering is achieved.


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