What is high school in Tokyo like?


Jun 15, 2021


High school in Tokyo is like no other experience because Japan is a country like no other.Japan was the only Asian nation to stand shoulder to shoulder with European colonial powers since the nineteenth century. After the devastation it faced in the Second World War, Japan quickly rebuilt its economy and industry to become one of the top economic and industrial powers of the world. 


Japanese brands became household names across the world and a byword for quality and reliability. Side by side Japanese culture in the shape of its cuisine and  pop-cultural exports like Manga comics. Having the privilege to grow up and actually study at a Tokyo school can be a life altering experience for the children of expats in Japan.


Even though they would most likely study at an international school following overseas curricula, there’s something in the culture and ethos of Japan that will permeate into one’s consciousness. Things like discipline, empathy, hard work, dignity of labour, respect for everyone and the ability to carry out any task with perfect meticulousness are the hallmarks of the Japanese way of doing things. Going to school in such an environment is bound to have a major impact on one’s  character. 


Expat students in Japan have the choice of studying at several of the excellent international schools that the city boasts or the Japanese schools that take in foreign students. The famous Japanese schools include-


  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School


  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchu Nishi High School


  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School


  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Minamikatsushika Senior High School


  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Tagara High School


As regards the internations schools that expats favour, the best one known ones are the following-


  1. Global Indian International School


  1. New International School of Japan


  1. United School of Tokyo


  1. Tokyo YMCA International School


  1. Axis International School




Receiving a high school education in Japan is an experience that is one of a kind. Though an expat student is more likely to attend an international school with a familiar curriculum and ethos, the very fact that they get to be influenced by Japanese culture and work ethic makes a difference to their work ethic. Japan is admired all over the world for its high quality products and its culture too has had a profound global influence.  It is therefore a great privilege to be able to learn from such people and going to school in Japan is the best way to imbue those values.


If one wants to understand the Japanese way of doing things in the truest sense, it might make great sense to study at a true blue Japanese school that takes in foreign students. Over there one will have to clean classrooms and eat with one’s fellow students and teachers to understand what dignity of labour and camaraderie are all about. One would have to attend not only regular classes but evening as well as weekend classes as well in keeping with their work ethic.


Another major advantage of studying in a Tokyo school is the fact that one would be able to establish a base in Japan, one of the world’s economic power houses. That will only augur well for one’s future prospects in life. In any case receiving an education in a foreign country broadens one’s vision and turns one into a global citizen. The Tokyo high schools are a great place to learn not just about one’s subjects, but also about life itself. You will be equipped to succeed in whatever you take up in life. 


The large number of expat students who go to school in Japan can certainly look forward to doing well in whatever they take up in life.



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