Which are the best schools to consider for Singapore School Admission?


Jun 11, 2021

Singapore is one of the most admired countries in the world because of its high standard of living and excellent infrastructure. Not only is it a global hub of trade and commerce, but it is also famed for its brilliant academic system. This comprises some of the best schools, colleges and universities in the world. It is not surprising that people from all over the world come to work and live in Singapore. 

It really is a great place to raise your children with Singapore preschools and secondary schools pulling all stops to give your children the best education in the world. Let us look at some of the attributes of  the best schools in Singapore in this article in terms of what they offer.


  1. An Amalgam of Myriad Properties

A good secondary school is a fine amalgam of practicality, innovation, technology, books, lectures and discussions. They will follow a well recognized curriculum which boasts a theme based approach to education. That ensures that students look forward to coming to school every day and through their learning become very confident individuals.


Such schools are known to work closely with every student as well as their parents to give every support and guidance that is required for the development of the students in question.


  1. Co-Ed Schools That Strive for High Performance

There are quite a few  co-ed secondary schools in Singapore that are known for the top performance of their students in academics. Some of these schools are autonomous ones and offer the Integrated Programme. They might also offer English as well as Chinese languages as the first level language.


  1. All Girl Schools

There are some schools that are all girls’ independent entities comprising the primary school and the secondary school. As girls schools are  quite popular among Singporeans who want their daughters to get the best possible education.


  1. Old Colonial Secondary School

Some of these schools were established way back in the 19th century and are known for their academic rigour, discipline and values. Such schools are all about learning beyond the classroom and learning the importance of environmental conservation. They are known to make  strong, forceful and capable individuals out of their students.


  1. Government Run Secondary Schools

In keeping with the culture of Singapore discipline, the essence of such schools is discipline and hard work. Boys may even be subject to corporal punishment  and the girs could face detention. This is in keeping with a very Singaporean tradition of maintaining discipline and decorum at all costs. One will never witness the kind of vandalism youth indulge in many western nations on this account.


Apart from the secondary schools there’s a slew of new international schools in Singapore that cater to the needs of the children of the large number of expat families that live in Singapore. These include well known schools like the Global Indian International School and many many more.


What’s special about Global Indian International School is the fact that they not only offer the same curriculum that many of these expat students have in their home countries, but are also tied up with major international programmes like the International Baccalaureate curriculum. This allows the students to seamlessly go back to their home countries or the top universities around the world for further studies.


Besides, the infrastructure and facilities, ambiance is absolutely world class in our institution-something that shapes the outlook of the students in a major way. The students who study at our school get to appreciate what other nations of the world have to offer and turn out to be global citizens in every sense of the term. Living and studying in Singapore is a great opportunity in that sense, as it makes a person develop into a fine international citizen apart from being academically well trained to give a good account of himself anywhere he goes.


These students have a great future in Singapore itself or in any other part of the world that they choose to go to. Indeed, the education system of Singapore is an exemplary one. Today, when the world bemoans the loss of values in the youth, the students of Singpaore are the very epitome of grace, decorum and capability. It is indeed a privilege to receive an education in this incredible city state.




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