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Jun 11, 2021

In the past few seasons, dark regenerative hairstyles have played an important role in hairdressing fashion. We can see them in fashion shows, on the red carpet and on the streets. They combine classic and fresh, very feminine looks. Which color combination looks better? What is the choice of rebirth hairstyle in wig? We invite you to read our article!



Regrowth hair - why is it worth it?

Many women have headaches at the thought that naturally colored hair will regenerate. There is no need at all. Nowadays, hair bounce hairstyle is usually the desired effect and appearance pursued by many women. Monochrome is becoming more and more a boring solution, and it's hard to keep it in the case of hair dyeing. Dark regeneration and light hair along the length is a very fashionable look. It offers an elegant and chic look, but at the same time it's very girly and natural. The contrast between the colors enhances the color of the iris and illuminates the complexion. This hairstyle looks particularly effective based on natural and soft colors. You can often find the combination of different shades of gold or red and dark coat. We can choose the high contrast between the main hair color and the regenerated hair, or focus on the difference of only a few tones. The choice only depends on our personal preferences, and every scheme will certainly attract the attention of passers-by.


Renewable natural hair wig

Wig market dynamic development, the courage to keep up with the latest trends. No wonder natural hair wigs have gained so many followers so quickly. In our store, you'll find gradients with natural tones and more unusual color combinations. From gold, brown and red to bold ash, pastel and purple. At first, regenerative hairstyles were safe, but fashion was developing, and new color combinations appeared in the wig market. There are many styles of women's natural hair wigs with regenerative function. You can choose straight long hair with bangs or short hair with asymmetrical Bob shape. It's worth deciding to buy from an experienced manufacturer to make sure the product meets our expectations.


Why wear a natural wig?

Natural wig is a kind of high quality product characterized by the highest quality. It is characterized by high durability and the appearance that best suits your hair. Proper storage and maintenance of wigs can even serve us for years without damage. In addition, natural wigs may be a better choice for hair with darker regeneration color. Why? It happens that synthetic wigs, even high-quality wigs, can not fully reflect the potential of this kind of hairstyle because it is difficult to obtain natural color transition in the production process. Natural wigs also provide greater comfort, which is especially important if you want to find them every day.


What type of natural hair do you choose?

Our shop provides all kinds of natural wigs for hair regeneration. The choice should largely depend on our personal preferences and the intensity of the wig we plan to use. Slavic hair models are the highest quality products. They are characterized by impeccable condition and high durability. Slavic wigs are usually virgin, i.e. never dyed. If we are talking about a specific hairstyle, wigs will be dyed, but some products may contain natural, undyed regeneration and diluted rest, which will produce very good results. Wigs made of Slavic thread are most common in soft, soft colors. If you want different color combinations, wigs made of European hair are worth noticing. It's a slightly cheaper alternative to Slavic hair, which is still characterized by high quality. The natural wig made of strands of European origin is easy to set and heat-resistant. Compared with curly hair, springback hair looks completely different after straightening, so be sure to try.


Renewable women's wig - what kind of hairstyle should you do?

This combination of colors provides a lot of room to show off. If we want the most obvious contrast between regrowth and hair length, it's worth choosing to straighten your hair or wear a low ponytail. Wavy hair or braids produce a gradual effect, a subtle transition between light and dark colors. The type of texture depends largely on the type of natural wig you choose. Natural front lace wigs offer the most possibilities, as they allow you to create tall hairstyles, such as a loose bun or ponytail on top of your head. The lace at the front imitates the natural hairline to make these types of hairstyles look very natural. Other types of natural hair wigs with a single cap and a traditional cap look best with a low pointed top. If you use decorative hair accessories, such as large hairpins with gems or velvety elastic bands, then effective looking local decorations are also popular. (Click here to read the guide: things you should know when buying a man's wig)


Can wigs grow back on their own?

The only wig that can be dyed at home is a real wig. However, creating a regenerative hairstyle may not be the easiest thing to do. It is recommended that only natural wigs be dyed deeper than the base color. Bleaching is a difficult and invasive process for hair structure, which may fail and cause irreversible damage. When we can choose to change the color of the wig to a deeper color, regeneration will become difficult. When trying to apply the paint evenly on the top of the head, a little carelessness is enough to apply the product to the bottom of the hair and produce ugly stains. In this case, the only thing left is to completely change the color of our wigs. The range of natural regeneration wigs is so wide that it's not worth the risk of damaging your existing wig. If you really want to refresh the look of regenerative wigs, you can consider color matching. However, we recommend that you go to an experienced wig stylist or hairdressing salon that uses wigs and have qualified people perform such procedures.


What should be considered when choosing colors?

It's worth considering the choice of color before we decide to make a specific purchase. Natural wig is the most expensive wig type on the market, so we should be 100% satisfied with the products we buy. When choosing colors, it's best to follow your aesthetic type. This is the easiest way, and gives you the best chance, the color of the wig will match your appearance. We distinguish between two basic types of beauty - warm and cold. The former is characterized by yellow skin. What's the meaning of this? If the visible veins on the wrist are green, we are likely to have a warm aesthetic feeling.


The example of the front lace palette, the presence of golden freckles and the fact that we Tan also prove this. Women with this aesthetic will wear honey blonde, fox red, warm walnut or chocolate. This cold is characterized by purple veins and gray freckles. This is usually accompanied by an initial Tan, natural hair with a gray sheen. A cold beauty will stand out when she wears a platinum gold wig, dark red hair with pink light, gray shadow or a cool, soft brown wig. This color selection, combined with darker regeneration of the same hue, will beautifully enhance our beauty.


Natural regeneration Wig - for what occasion?

The dark regenerated natural wig is a very general model. A lot depends on the main color of our wigs. If we choose neutral and soft colors, we can wear wigs on any occasion. For everyday wear, it will work in dissolved or loosely fixed versions. When we go to a business meeting or a fine dinner party, we can tie our hair into a smooth ponytail or an elegant bun. Hollywood wave will be perfect for party look. It's also worth trying all kinds of hair accessories. At present, wristbands and decorative clips that can be bought in most clothing chain stores are experiencing new glory. If you don't like soft colors and don't want to look for strong colors, you can choose the middle way. Soft colored wigs are very popular. They are known as an interesting substitute for blonde or brown. They will bring fresh and girlish air to our image. They are also very suitable for more formal occasions. We ensure that our store's range continues to expand and that every customer can find the perfect wig for themselves.


There must be one in your closet!

The bounce hairstyle is timeless and suitable for every woman of all ages. Wholesale wigs at honesthairfactory.com. Our product line includes various types of natural wigs with deep regeneration function. You will find a variety of color variations and many tailoring from classic to extraordinary. If we want a universal model for all kinds of occasions, it's worth choosing a color from the gold or brown range. Enthusiasts of bold solutions will also find something for themselves. The existing natural wig model is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, which can meet the most demanding customers. We offer the possibility of using personal video consultation. During this period, experienced experts will answer all your questions. We will eliminate the technical doubt and help you make the best choice. We want her to feel beautiful and unique in her wig. We make sure the delivery is as fast as possible. If the product does not meet your expectations for any reason, you can choose to return it within 14 days.


Hairy can also make separate orders based on jointly developed projects. We can make wigs of any type of hair. We invite you to read the rest of our company blog. It's also a huge knowledge base where we can make wigs of any type of hair. We invite you to read the rest of our company blog. It's also a huge knowledge base where we can make wigs of any type of hair. We invite you to read the rest of our company blog. This is also a huge knowledge base, a source of infinite inspiration, which can encourage you to try your appearance!


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