Animal Crossing Weather Features: Cloud Coverage

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Jun 9, 2021

Cloud Coverage is categorized into several levels. These levels, which range from clear to complete, are subject to change every hour. The setup of the original Animal Crossing meant that the sky was only visible on the train, where it was always cloudy, and that the sky was only seen on that occasion. This implies that the cloud coverage sections only apply to games that come after Animal Crossing. In Wild World, cloud coverage shifts quickly, but in City Folk, cloud coverage shifts gradually in the last 10 minutes before the hour. 


The fluttering of the town flag and the floating pattern of balloons are slightly contradicted by the fact that clouds always migrate from the north of the town towards the sea. Clouds are white throughout the day unless they are raining, in which case they are gray. At night, the clouds turn a deeper shade of gray. The amount of cloud cover indicates how the weather will change during the next several hours. Clouds that are dark and heavy normally indicate rain, but light clouds indicate that the skies will clear later. 


In Wild World, all of the clouds are oval-shaped and dazzling white. They may be viewed on the Nintendo DS's top screen. The form and color of the clouds in City Folk are less consistent, making them look more diversified. On the horizon or by pushing the 'up' button on the Wii remote, they may be seen. This raises the screen, allowing the sky to take center stage. 

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There are six different types of cloud covering, each of which affects a different element of gaming. For example, the brightness of a room, whether or not the lights are turned on, and villagers' remarks. The six cloud densities are shown below, with a brief explanation of each. 


There are no clouds in the sky, therefore it's clear. The sky seems brilliantly blue during the day or full with stars at night. 
Clear with faint, infrequent specks of white cloud trailing across the sky. Wisp: Similar to clear, but with faint, occasional flecks of white cloud following across the sky.  Other features like meteor showers can occur on evenings when the sky is clear. Wish upon the shooting stars by hitting the 'A' button as they flash through the sky. This is only feasible if you don't have any items ACNH on your person.


Different Cloud Densities

Clouds in the sky are noticeable, scattered but still there. 
Moderate: Cloud cover is thick, and the light level is low. 
Dense: Clouds that are densely packed but have gaps in their covering. Visibility is harmed due to a lack of brightness. 
Complete (1): Clouds are heavy and steel gray, with barely a few minor cracks. Rain is a constant companion. The horizon seems drab and murky because of the poor visibility. 
Complete (2): The clouds will have even fewer gaps in them during a thunderstorm or when snow is falling. The horizon seems drab and murky because of the poor visibility.


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