The Increasing Need of AI in Enterprise- BTS of Evolution

Karoline sterwad

Jun 7, 2021

The buzzing lives of citizens worldwide suddenly came to a halt when a viral mystery broke out in China. It hit the media in the first weeks of January 2020 and began to affect lives in early March 2020. Unknowingly, humanity was shocked to see so many disruptions and deaths. Governments began to call for preventative measures and restricted access. However, many were still confused about what happened, and the world was forced to shut down shortly after March.


Businesses were shocked when offices closed. How to cope? It's a situation never seen before. It wasn't even mentioned in disaster management books for HR managers. So how do you deal with it?


It's happened before that people have worked from home, but not that the entire workforce has worked remotely. Offices were just too comfortable with the familiar working environment, so remote working seemed annoying and impossible.


But you know what? Some organizations went through it as if nothing would happen. They experienced normal collaboration and a smoother workflow. How? The impossible was made possible with AI/software/technology. It's always been there. The technology to automate and reduce human workload has always been there in the market. It was us, the busy people, who were overlooked during this period. And one day, when life turned upside down, we looked for solutions, made plans, implemented new strategies, and tried to get the job done.                                                          


Today, with the pandemic almost over, the vaccines ready, and the new normal the norm, we shed light on what drove businesses and the economy forward. Find out the key observations and lessons from the global pandemic.                              


Greater acceptance of online tools


How easy was it to call your colleague from your desk and ask about progress? But during the shutdown, this became impossible, and all employees had to struggle to coordinate. It was at this point that employers motivated their employees to explore new online collaboration tools.


During this period, digital consumption grew significantly. The use of apps such as Google products, Zoom, WhatsApp, Hubstaff, Invoicera, and others to increase productivity rose to 45%.


The shutdown gave businesses and professionals a chance to appreciate the technology that was always there. Integrate it into your system and enjoy the convenience of working together, even remotely. It generated more downloads, registrations, and software integrations last year.


Enterprise management software has helped organizations manage remote workers virtually.


● Employee management


● Monitoring of working hours


● Productivity management


● Faster collaboration


● Faster approval


● Cost savings


More companies went online.

We've been talking about disruption for so long that we've never seen the positive side of the situation. Instead, new patterns evolved; businesses entered the world of online presence to attract customers away from home. This prompted them to set up websites, make online payments, learn about Custom Invoicing Software.


 For the first time, they saw changing patterns in purchasing behavior around the world at the same time. This change led to a lot of business in all sectors, as you may have noticed. It was all about time and the ability to seize the moment.


Increased use of online cash flow and workflow tools:


Online cash flow and workflow management software

The Accounting Department was the most affected by the disruption to the normal flow of departments. It became unmanageable for a while, and it took strict process controls to get it back on track. The integration of the online invoicing software was crucial for the AR and AP departments to streamline cash flow and workflow. Custom invoicing software such as Invoicera is a simple invoice generation software and a powerful workflow and cash flow management software. Such invoicing software can help manage online collaboration with


 ● Task management


● Time tracker


● Project manager


● Productivity tracker


● Personnel management


● Approval process


And manage your cash flow on time:


 ● Automated online invoicing


● 30+ online payment gateways


● Invoicing in multiple currencies and languages


● Automatic payment reminders


● Invoice approval process


● Detailed reports


● Credit note management and more.


Change management rules:

Another reason why management rushed to use web-based software was to make monitoring easier. By working remotely, they were faced with the dilemma of the right method to monitor employees and ensure the productivity of teams located far away. 


Time and productivity tracking software play a big role here. Online time tracking tools have provided greater management precision than traditional methods and are now widespread.


Online billing software helps companies to track employee time, manage productivity through activity/URL tracking, manage attendance, create daily timesheets and time cards and provide detailed reporting.


The pandemic has highlighted the real game. IT has clearly shown that it has remained the strongest in all respects and in all areas. Some of the big giants have failed, while some start-ups/small businesses, helped by technology, have succeeded.


This has been a great example of mankind's creation of power or technology.


Investing in technology and artificial intelligence is essential. This is also the reason why there is a proliferation of downloads and integrations of various workflow and cash flow management software on the market.



A business can only grow if you adapt to the market's changing needs, the environment, and the working culture. The key is to stay relevant to society so that it grows with you. One such requirement of remote working culture is artificial intelligence, and we have already discussed how it has taken root in businesses among COVID19.


Enterprise billing software, such as Invoicera, can automate invoicing, payment reminders, custom reports, and time tracking with human resource management. It allows you to manage all activities from the comfort of your workstation without having to call specific individuals.


These capabilities are worth implementing in your business so that you can navigate the dark hours and eventually find the light.


Share your unique ideas too. Tell us how you managed to survive these times? What was your significant innovation?


Karoline sterwad

corporate consultant

Karoline sterwad

corporate consultant