Explore the Steps to do change a Flight on United Airlines


Jun 7, 2021

How do I change my Flight on United Airlines?

Are you looking for some planned change and worrying about the flight change? You don’t have to especially when you have planned to fly with United Airlines. They provide the best support and let their passenger change the flight and making changes to other things too. If you have not done this before then you might be wondering about the process of changing flight. 


If you are, then with simple steps, you can easily change the flight. To make the process easy, we have covered some points below that can help you to change the flight without going through the rigorous process. 


You have to direct some simple strides that you can conduct online. 


  • First of all, open a browser and go to the official page.

  • Now, search for the manage booking option. With this option, you are not limited to change the flight but many other things too 

  • Here, you have to click on it and see a drop-down menu. With this, you have to click on the United Airlines change flight 

  • First, mention the detail of the booking, and then you can see the entire new list of flights 

  • Next, you can choose the booking that is completely fine with you. But, before that, you have to provide the details like where you are going to fly, date of journey and much more information 

  • Further, you can easily click on the process, and see what are the pre-requisite. It is important to know that your ticket is eligible for changing or not 

  • Now, when you do this, you can see the additional fee too. There will be some charges that you have to bear 

  • Once you make the payment. But you don’t have to make the entire payment, so there will be some difference only 

  • Next, confirm the changes and make sure that you review the changes to avoid any further confusion 

  • You have to provide the email information, and you will see the tickets will be sent on them 

Now, you can Understand how do i change my flight on united airlinesyou can even contact the live person of United airlines. They are quite famous for their real-time solution and help you to change the flight without going through the tough process. You can connect with the person on any day, so there is no space for doubts.



I am blogger and hobby to traveling worldwide


I am blogger and hobby to traveling worldwide