The content of the term paper (term plan). Sample. Registration of the content of the course work

Isabella Doyle

Jun 7, 2021

An important point in creating a course project is the drawing up of a plan. A clear and well thought out plan will help to comprehensively consider information on the research problem. Competently plan the schedule for creating the work, to avoid disproportions in the components of the course project.

What is a coursework plan

In fact, the plan is the development of activities that are planned to be carried out in the course of work on the course project. He offered a short description of its logical structure, which includes basic and minor issues, various classifications. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly highlight the main sections, to define subsections that are divided into other smaller parts.

Important : the course work plan must be agreed with the supervisor.

Life hack for a student : The ideal option is to meet with the supervisor in the autumn months and discuss a possible topic of work with him, in case of defending coursework in the spring.  

After the meeting and conversation, you can familiarize yourself with certain scientific literature, without succumbing to unnecessary haste, clarify the wording of the topic and draw up an approximate competent work plan In the future, it can be adjusted or completely changed, but in any case it will become a good guide for the student. 

Undoubtedly, in real time, the actions described above are carried out in a short time. This is the reason for the poor quality of the security prepared materials and the appearance of many problems, so do not underestimate the importance of planning. If you think that you cannot competently build a plan on your own, then it is better to contact essay help , where they will explain to you how best to go through this stage.

In essence, the term paper plan is used only at the preparatory stage of work with the term project. In the work itself, the plan is also present, where it is called "content" and is located after the title page. 

How to draw up a course work plan

Strict, regulated requirement of the plan course work does not exist.

However, the Standard Requirements for coursework states that their main content is the introduction, main content, conclusion, bibliography, applications.


The introduction shows the relevance of the topic under consideration, indicates the degree of development in science, justifies the choice of the topic, formulates goals and objectives, and tasks, lists the main sources, historiography of the problem, characterizes research methods.

Main part

In the main part, a detailed presentation of the results found is given. It usually includes 2-4 chapters or sections, divided into subsections or paragraphs.

The first chapter, as a rule, deals with the theoretical aspects of the issue under study. In the following chapters, the object and subject of research is considered in more detail - depending on the specifics of the topic, the orientation can be theoretical (in this case, it is necessary to consider fundamentally new approaches to the study of the topic) or practical (it is necessary to conduct an empirical research). Students often have problems with research. Despite the fact that the topic should relate to what was studied in the semester - assignments are sometimes divorced from what the student has learned. This is not a reason to lose points for coursework, so it is better to seek qualified assistance


In the conclusion, brief conclusions are presented on all the work done. They clearly demonstrate the student's ability to create final conclusions. It is convenient to form a conclusion on the basis of ready-made conclusions made at the completion of the corresponding sections of the work.

There are several more rules that it is advisable to adhere to when drawing up a coursework plan:

  1. Compliance with the logic of presentation: each section is interconnected with the previous one in title and content.
  2. The content of a particular section fully corresponds to its title. The same names should not be in the work.
  3. One sentence represents the title of a section or subsection, not several.





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