Study Abroad - How Living Alone Can Boost Your Survival Skills


Jun 5, 2021

Nothing beats the set of skills you can acquire while living alone studying abroad. In addition, studying overseas brings a plethora of opportunities for students to get out of their comfort zone, leave their home's comfort, and explore a new culture.

This significant decision might get tough for the time being, but it can become the best decision you would ever make for yourself. This life-changing journey can boost your survival skills and will take you to the next level of adventure.

In today's saturated marketplace, employers also consider candidates with diverse life awareness, global experience, and varied skillset to extract the best out of them. So, what are you waiting for? Here are the excuses you can benefit from while studying in a foreign country.

Living Overseas For Studies Help You Become Independent

From the moment you apply for the student visa, you can feel the loneliness of sitting in the college corridor and hoping for the degree to complete soon so you can get back home. But these experiences are what make you stronger and free.

Depending on no one to iron your clothes, wake you up for the class helps you come near your sovereign state. As soon as you touch down your hosting country to pursue your studies, you see people you don't know, you find yourself a place that is entirely new for you, and you are unfamiliar with its norms. In such a situation, exploring the site, trusting your instincts aids you cross this new path of yours.

This whole experience, from navigating the starting point to being familiar with all the surroundings, helps you come out of conditional situations where you cannot stretch your wings without being supported.

Therefore, it's recommended to open your arms to new challenges. 57% of the students studying abroad claim that living alone in a new state helped them become liberated and self-governing.

You Learn Basic House Chores

Coming to some livelihood skills, people who have has studied abroad tend to be more responsible and mature. Today, when everyone is working hard to make survival worth living, learning basic house chores like cleaning and cooking has become essential for everyone. So be it, girl or boy.

When you live outside your country with strangers, you gradually learn all the house errands you never thought you would. This is because no one will be there to look after you and your responsibilities. It is only you there who has to manage all their tasks that too timely because your roommate won't tolerate your dirty laundry, right?

Also, we have seen some overseas students coming back home with excellent cooking skills because you cannot just munch on your favorite food while ordering your mate to add some extra spices as you would do back at home. You do it once, and the next day, you are out of the room.

To maintain healthy relations with roommates, you have to contribute to all household tasks from cleaning the house to scrubbing toilets; you cannot run because, hey mate, he behind you.

Develop More Resilience Submerging In A New Culture

Developing the ability to submerge in a new culture might get challenging, but you can make a move easy after becoming friends with fellow students who are like you and have come a long way to pursue their studies. This number of companions can help you adapt to a new culture, and you can learn some new norms and values before stepping into your high school.

This acquaintance doesn't mean hopping into your friends unnecessarily but helping each other out to grow the bond gradually like during my study tour, I would help my room buddy with house chores, and in return, she would help me do my essay for me.

However, this does not mean missing out on experiences like acquiring a new hobby, playing a new sport, going to beaches for a day out, and joining clubs to indulge in gaming activities.

 Walking this way will aid you in learning the local language quickly to make communication easier and trouble-free.

When you engage with your international friends, you start gaining some solid global experiences that can help in your lifestyle and assist you in job hunting. You can enjoy a new culture, new friends, a new environment and whatnot. But make sure not to overlook your studies behind.

Become More Tolerant

Studying and living with the students you know nothing about increases your patience and become more lenient and open-minded.

Coming to contact with people from unalike ethnic, political, and territorial backgrounds expands your horizon, and you start accepting different norms and cultures and eventually acknowledging them. This beauty makes you more understanding and helps you become easygoing.

Gain A Set Of New Skills

Throughout your academic career abroad, you will come across many opportunities to acquire some new experiences and skills which will aid you to become a stronger and competent individual.

These skills altogether can instill a superb skillset which can include gearing up finances, the craft of improvisation, moving out of the horizon and thinking out of the box, etc.; the better you contribute to these experiences, the greater you improve your aptitude.

These skills, when united with other aptitudes, make you confident of yourself aids in self-improvement. The wider you open your wings is, the higher you fly.

Every Hardship Take You A Step Forward And Makes You Stronger

These reasons might seem difficult to you but are not as challenging. Once you land in your new country and step into your high school and boardinghouse, you'll start accepting the circumstances. Once you concede the facts and are rigid in your motives, no one can stop you from conquering your boundaries.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your documents ready and apply for a student visa to your favorite country now.

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Amanda Jerelyn is a Blogger at Assignment Assistance, a trustworthy place to get the best assignment writing service UK during your exchange year. She is also a travel freak and has been to different countries during her academic period.



Amanda Jerelyn


Amanda Jerelyn is a Blogger at Assignment Assistance, a trustworthy place to get the best assignment writing service UK during your exchange year. She is also a travel freak and has been to different countries during her academic period.