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Jun 5, 2021

HP is a multinational tech giant that is highly regarded for its range of printers, desktops, laptops, and other drivers and software. They have a massive collection of printer models, such as Laserjet, Inkjet, Officejet, and so on. These ranges of printers are famous among the customers, owing to their features and reliability. But even these high tech products are not free of technical glitches. One of the most frequently occurring problems of the HP printers is when they go offline without any apparent reason. Today, we will try to understand this glitch a little more than before. We will also tell the reader how to seek the assistance of the experts if they face this issue.


What is the meaning of the HP printer going offline?

The HP printers are connected to your desktop via a shared connection. Both of them are the parts of the same network through which they communicate. The connection may be a wireless network in case of wireless printers or a simple cord in case of wired printers. A printer is said to be online when the computer and the printer are correctly connected through their shared connection. In that state, the printer can take up commands from the desktop if the user asks to print, the printer prints and scans when it is asked so. The user commands are seamlessly conveyed to the printer in its online mode. The offline mode is entirely opposite to this. There is a loss of connection between the printer and the computer in that state. Hence, no user command will be received by the HP printer. The problem may arise from various sources. We will shed some light on those in the next section. For more information regarding why is my hp printer offline connect with us.


What are the reasons behind the HP printer offline issue?

Three elements work simultaneously to convey the command of the user to the printer. They are- the computer, the HP printer, and the shared network. The offline error may stem from any of these elements. Let’s elaborate on the reasons.

The first suspect in this list is an erroneous common connection between the computer and the HP printer. The printers are either wired or wireless. If the error is showing in a wired printer, then there is a possibility that the wire has become faulty. On the other hand, in a wireless printer, an unstable common connection may lead to the problem. Another chance is that the computer and the printer are not connected to the same network. They must be connected to a shared network to become online.
If a wrong cartridge is inserted in the printer or if paper jams inside it, then also the HP may show offline mode.
There is a default driver that is installed on the computer corresponding to the printer. If this default driver is changed, then the HP printer shows offline mode.
Another potential reason behind the offline mode is the incorrect registration key.
We have mentioned the necessity of a driver in the computer that corresponds to the HP printer. The driver needs to be updated from time to time. If it is not updated for a very long time, then also the printer shows the offline mode. - hp printer support



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123 hp com setup Printer Scan Setup & Installation - HP Scan


Before you scan documents into your devices with a scanner, you need to install the printer scanner driver as per so that your Printer scanner and devices can communicate. Start by connecting the printer setup scanner to your devices with USB port.


How to Scan From Hp Printer to Computer - 123 com setup


Scan to computer for WINDOWS  &  MAC


  1. Turn on Your 123 hp com Printer Scanner.
  2. Click New Hardware message, click Yes, This Time Only, and then click Next again. You only need to do this step automatically connect to Windows .
  3. If you have a CD for the scanner, insert it in your CD drive and click Next or search  for  your scanner driver software in our setup website and install it for Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 & ios
  4. Click Start→Control Panel and search scanners in search box.
  5. Click View Scanner and Camera link.
  6. Click Add Device button  and click next, then it displayed  The Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard window .
  7. Click a Manufacturer in the list on the left and then click a model in the list on the right.
  8. Choose the scanner model in the wizard window , whether you have a manufacturer’s disc or download software from the Internet by searching  which model printer scan setup support scanner you have.
  9. click Finish when you reach end of the wizard, now your scanner installation is completed.

Contact HP Customer Support For More Help


We assured that the HP scanner, which does not have a working problem, can be solved with the support of this blog post. Nevertheless, if your scanner is not fixed after reading this guide, you can also contact the official website of the HP Scanner Support Center. For more information regarding connect with us.




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