How Do I Fix the Quicken One Step Update Not Working Problem?


Jun 3, 2021

Quicken One Step Update not working has been the most reported error in our forums. Also known as OSU not working, the users generally face this problem due to an outdated Windows or Quicken. To fix it the users have to restart their system and end processes in the Task Manager. However, a few people do not know how exactly they should troubleshoot the problem or deal with it. That’s what made us write a common troubleshooting solution to fix the issue. Let’s get into it.


Why is the Quicken One Step Update not working?


Quicken One Step Update may not work due to a couple of reasons. Here we have mentioned all of them.


       Bad internet connection.

       Quicken or the bank's server is offline.

       Quicken account settings are incorrect.

       Quicken and windows are not updated to the latest version.

       Cookies are not allowed.

       The log file size has increased too much.

       Animations are overloading the system.


How to fix the Quicken One Step Update not working issue?


At first, you should try signing out and then signing in to fix the One Step Update not working in Quicken  problem. Also, you must make sure that the correct Quicken ID is updated in the Quicken preferences. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, then here are the different solutions that you should try.


Solution 1. Update Quicken to the latest version


Quicken is quite particular in releasing new versions to fix common bugs and errors. Updating it to the latest version may also resolve Quicken one step update not working problems as well.


1.  Before starting make sure to create a system restore point. It will help, in case Quicken is not updated properly.

2.    To begin with, launch Quicken on your system.

3.  Click the File tab and select Backup company in the drop-down menu.

4. Click over Create local backup and follow the further on-screen instructions to create a backup of your company files.

5.    Once the backup is created, click the Help tab.

6.    Now you should click Update Quicken in the drop-down list.

7.  Finally, click the Update now tab and then hit the Get updates option.

8.  After some time your Quicken will be updated to the latest version and thereafter you can start working on it.


Solution 2. Remove the problematic Microsoft updates


Over time, Microsoft gets some bad updates which further leads to Quicken one step update not working. Hence you will need to take a few steps to uninstall those problematic updates.


1.  Click the Start icon and type Control Panel on the Windows search bar.

2.    On the list click the Control Panel.

3.  A new window will open, you should choose to Uninstall a program option underneath the Programs section.

4.    On the left-hand side panel, click View installed updates.

5.   On the list, you should locate the problematic updates and click Uninstall in front of them.

6.    Wait for some time until uninstallation completes.

7.    Restart your system to start using Quicken again.


Solution 3. Deactivate the proxy servers


Using Quicken with activated proxy servers prevents it from establishing a secure network connection. Hence updating Quicken with one step update becomes quite difficult. Here are the steps to deactivate the proxy servers.


1.     Navigate to the Settings menu on your computer.

2.     Click the Network and Internet option.

3.     Now you should choose Proxy on the left-hand side panel.

4.  Turn off the Automatically detect settings and Use setup script.

5. Also, go to the bottom and turn off the Use a proxy server settings.

6. Now restart your system and verify if we Quicken one-step update starts working or not.


Solution 4. Remove Quicken log files


If log file size increases too much then also it may not allow a Quicken one-step update. Hence you should remove the large Quicken log files to fix the problem.


1. First of all, you should close the Quicken.

2. Ensure any related program is not working in the Task Manager.

3. Press Windows + R keys and then type %appdata% and hit Enter.

4.  Now you should visit the Quicken folder and locate the Log folder.

5.    Right-click qw.log and click Delete.

6.    After doing this you just restart Quicken and check the error.


Solution 5. Allow cookies


Cookies play an important part in storing communication and if they are not allowed then that triggers OSU, not working issues. Here’s what you need to do.


1.     Search for the Control Panel on your system.

2.     Under the Control Panel screen, click Network and Internet.

3.     Click Internet options.

4.  Under the Internet properties window, click the Privacy tab and then click the Advanced button.

5.      Click Accept for:

       First-party cookies.

       Third-party cookies.

6.     Also, checkmark against Always allow session cookies.

7.     Click Ok to confirm your selection.


Solution 6. Disable animations in Quicken


Animations in Quicken consume too much of your system’s memory which leads to some troubling issues. Though animations play an important role in enhancing the user experience, still you should disable them to get Quicken back on track.


1.  First of all, launch Quicken and click the Edit menu.

2.  Now You should choose Preferences from the left inside panel.

3.   Click Setup.

4.   Again on the left side panel and uncheck the checkbox Turn on animation.

5. Now you should start Quicken again and verify if you could update it using One Step Update.


Call the experts to get Quicken One Step Update back to work


Don’t feel bad, if you are not able to fix the issue by yourself. Rather you have one more option left that is calling the Quicken experts at the toll-free number. Our accounting ProAdvisors and technicians can help you fix the One Step Update Quicken not working using some advanced troubleshooting solutions. Call us today!

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