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Apr 22, 2019

All details below are referenced from the "Visa Instruction Guide" by the Ministry of Justice, Korean Immigration Service.


Activities Allowed and Eligible Applicants


You are eligible to apply for a Marriage Migrant (F-6) visa if you are

  • A spouse of a Korean citizen. 
  • Raising a child born between a Korean citizen and yourself (including the de facto marital relationship), as a father or a mother, and you are also acknowledged by the Minister of Justice.


* The de facto marital relationship refers to a couple who intends to get married eventually and whose lifestyle can be considered as a married couple from a third person's point of view. (Supreme Court decision made on December 8, 1998)


 - However, following examples are NOT considered as the de facto marital relationships; for example, if the couple does not have any intention to get married but has given a birth to a baby out of living together, or if a man is legally married to another woman but living with a different partner, and etc.


  • You had stayed in the Republic of Korea as a spouse of a Korean citizen, but you were unable to continue your marriage due to reasons and circumstances beyond your control which are recognized by the Minister of Justice, such as death and missing of your spouse.


 Visa Codes  Eligibility Criteria
(A spouse of a Korean Citizen)
Your marriage is valid in both of your countries, and you have decided to
stay in the Republic of Korea in order to continue the marriage.


(Child Raising)

‌Although you are NOT eligible to earn 'F-6-1’ status, a baby was born during the marriage (including the de facto marriage), and you are currently raising that child or planning to raise him/her in Korea as a biological father or a biological mother.
(Marriage Discontinuation)
‌You were married to a Korean citizen, but you were unable to continue your marriage due to reasons and circumstances beyond your control such as death and missing of your spouse.


Maximum Length of Stay: You are allowed to stay for up to 3 years


Visas Issued at the Discretion of the Head of a Diplomatic Mission


1. A single entry visa valid for 90 days or less will be issued to a spouse of a Korean citizen (F-6-1) (However, a multiple-entry visa will be issued to an American citizen)


☞ You can register yourself as an alien and extend the period of your sojourn within 90 days of your entry to the Republic of Korea.


 Basic Required Documents (M = Mandatory /O = Optional)


 Types of Required Documents  Remarks  M / O
 Visa Application Form  -















Passport   -
 Reference Letter  -
 Marriage Migrant Invitation
‌Marriage Migrant Personal
‌Must be written in either Korean or English
‌Inviter's Basic Certificate ‌To judge whether the inviter has naturalized or not
‌Inviter's Family Relation
‌To consider the inviter's family relations
‌Inviter's Copy of Resident
‌To confirm the inviter's cohabiting partner on national resident registration system (# of household family members)
‌Inviter's Marriage Certificate ‌To check whether an inviter has been married before and how many times he/she has invited a marriage migrant in the past
‌Marriage Certificate from the
Migrant's Country of Origin
‌to check whether the marriage is also valid in a
foreign country (If the certificate cannot be issued in accordance with national legislations of the migrant's country, this requirement can be dropped)
‌Documents proving your
place of residency
‌lease contract, confirmation of provided residence, a mail giving the notice of the expiry date of your period of sojourn, a utility bill payment for any public services, receipt of university housing fee and others


 Required Documents for Income and Residency


 Types of Required Documents  Remarks  M/O





 Amount of Income
Certificate (issued by the National Tax Services)
To prove your total annual income in the
previous year. (All reported incomes to the National Tax Services can be checked)





Credit Information
To check an applicant's any default on a
financial obligation or debts






Invoice of
Withholding Tax (issued by the place of employment)‌


To prove your annual income last year from the place of employment)




M when used

‌Certificate of

If you are currently employed.......

Certificate of
If you were employed in the past.......‌





Business Income

‌Copy of Business
The copy of registration is to confirm whether the haplce of employment exists or not‌



Miscellaneous If it is too difficult to prove your income through the documents mentioned above, you can submit following documents instead; copy of account balance statement, pay check, confirmation of health insurance qualification gain/loss, etc.





‌Other Income and Assets ‌Documents
proving relevant
‌To check the applicant's annual income and total assets

‌M when used

‌Residency Requirement Documents proving residency requirements ‌Copy of real estate registration, copy or lease contract ‌M


 Required Documents for Communication and Language Proficiency


 Types of Required Documents  Remarks  M / O










 TOPIK Report Card  The report card can be authenticated at the TOPIK Website










Select one
for submission

If necessary, Korea immigration service will check with the respective educational organization to confirm the certificate
‌Certificate of
Degree in Korean



proving your are
overseas Korean
with a foreign


‌To verify whether an applicant is Korean descent

‌Have lived in
Korea before for
one year or more
‌Immigration Records on the Integrated Visa information System


Use of
Other than

‌Documents proving
your ability to speak
the respective








‌Have lived abroad
before for one
year or more
‌Immigration Record, Immigration Stamps on Passports


 Required Documents for Eligible Applicants for the International Marriage Introduction Program (Health Status, Criminal History)


 Types of required documents  Remarks  M / O
 International Marriage
Introduction Program
 The certificate is not required if its reference
number is written on an invitation letter



‌Criminal Record Check


‌Required for both bride and groom



‌Health Examination Report


 Other documents that are deemed necessary for visa application review:

  • An immigration officer may further request additional documents for accuracy and effectiveness of visa application review


 Expiry Date of Each Document

  • Unless the expiry dates of required documents, such as invitation letter and marriage certificate, are set herein, these documents are valid for the maximum of 3 months from the date of issuance.


2. A single-entry visa valid for 90 days or less will be issued to a person coming to the Republic of Korea for parenting (F-6-2)
(Please note that a multiple entry visa will be issued to an American citizen)
☞You will be notified to register yourself as an alien and to extend the period of sojourn 90 days after your entry


Required Documentation


1. Visa Application Form (form no. 17), passport, one standard size photograph, fee
2. Documents proving the family(biological) relation
- Basic Certificate of the baby, Birth Certificate, DNA test result confirmation or family relation certificate
※ If a baby was born to a de facto couple, you have to submit documents that can prove the nature of this baby's birth.
3. Documents proving that you have custody over a child
- ex) the sentencing which includes the details of custody, or a custody confirmation or other equivalent documents from your child's relative who is the first-cousin once removed or closer (including the father or the mother)


※The head of a diplomatic mission abroad may request/omit additional documents if it is deemed necessary.


Eligibility for the Visa Issuance Confirmation: You are not eligible to apply for a confirmation of visa issuance.




Q. If a foreign spouse of a Korean citizen wants to stay in the Republic of Korea for a year and to apply for the Spouse of a Korean National (F-6) visa, what he/she should do?

A. For the spouse of a Korean citizen, a single entry visa valid for 90 days or less, by law, is issued at the discretion of the head of a diplomatic mission abroad. Therefore, the diplomatic mission abroad must issue the Spouse of a Korean National (F-6) visa in which the period of sojourn lasts 90 days or less. Nevertheless, if the foreigner wants to stay longer than the given period of sojourn indicated on the visa, he/she can do so by obtaining an extension permit from a local immigration office after being admitted to the country.



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